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Published on 29th July '19

If you're thinking of proposing in London, then Tower Bridge has probably crossed your mind.

We think Tower Bridge is the perfect location for a marriage proposal, here's why..

Tower Bridge Proposal

Why Choose Tower Bridge For A Marriage Proposal?

1. Iconic Location

Built between 1886 and 1894, Tower Bridge crosses over the River Thames, and has become an iconic symbol of London in that time. It's a must see landmark that hosts 1000's of proposals every year.

2. Privacy

Yes it's iconic, but did you know that you can hire the walkway at the top of Tower Bridge for a secret proposal?

There's nothing worse than an onlooking crowd when you're trying to compose yourself to say the right words. The Proposers and Tower Bridge partner together to create amazing private proposals, so that we can make it about just you and your partner.

3. It can be tailored to you

Being private means that we can get more creative. The walkway can be decorated in any way you like, with anything from romantic rose petals and candles, to something more personalised, like this tea cup proposal.

4. Amazing photos inside and outside

First you can get amazing photos inside the Tower Bridge walkway as you go down on one knee and once your beautiful partner has said yes. Then we can head outside for a London themed photoshoot with Tower Bridge making for the perfect backdrop.

5. Ultimate surprise

It's the ultimate surprise when your partner thinks they're going to the top of Tower Bridge to see the view of London, only to realise that the whole walkway has been decorated for them. You can also "disappear of to the toilet" for a minute, and then meet your partner back on the other side to propose, once they've realised what is happening.

Take a look at the surprise Tower Bridge proposals below to see an example of Tower Bridge in all its glory..

How To Propose on Tower Bridge?

Proposing On The Walkway Above Tower Bridge

Whether it’s tourists or city workers, with any of London’s landmarks, there are thousands of people around at most times of the day. The busy crowds on the London streets can make proposing in public very daunting. If you propose then people will likely stop and stare, and take photos to show their friends. We know proposing is already nerve-wracking enough, but add in crowds on top of this and it can get 10 times more difficult.

That's why for all of our Tower Bridge proposals, our first suggestion is always to propose on top of the bridge. There is a beautiful private walkway above Tower Bridge that not many people know about, which gives you and your partner complete privacy as you get down on one knee. 

This is one of our most popular ways to propose in London, here's a few of our favourite Tower Bridge walkway proposals. 

Our favourite Tower Bridge Proposals

The LOVE sign and Music proposal

Yusuf wanted a romantic and iconic proposal for Ceren for their trip to London.

A huge love sign, added the most romantic touch to the Tower Bridge walkway proposal, while a band played her favourite songs live. 

The Personalised Tinder and Tea proposal 

Nayan wanted a completely personalised proposal for Avni. The couple met on Tinder, her favourite colour was on purple, and they were huge tea drinkers, so we made sure that all of these touches were included in the proposal.

The Romantic Valentines Marry Me proposal

We love the simplicity of the beautiful pink theme of this proposal we planned for Hashim with love heart and "Marry Me" sign. This makes for a perfect romantic backdrop for your proposal, before celebrating with a glass of champagne.

How does a Tower Bridge proposal usually work?

So you might be thinking, that sounds great but how does it all work? Well, we are the official proposal partners of Tower Bridge and have planned 100's of proposals there, so we're going to let you in on our secrets to planning a Tower Bridge proposal.


Before the proposal starts is where most of our magic happens, we'll...

  • Have an initial consultation to brief what you and your partner like and dislike.

  • Go away and create initial ideas for you.

  • Book everything, from singers to the photographer, once an idea is approved.

  • Create a plan for the day for all involved to know what's happening and when.

  • Order or create all of the props for the proposal.

  • Be on hand to answer any questions you have about your proposal.

  • Ensure that the budget is stuck to and everyone gets paid. 

  • Contact Tower Bridge to get permission to bring instrunments, cameras, filming equipment on to the walkway. 

  • Get you exclusive access to the walkway above Tower Bridge.

On The Day

Our job doesn't stop there though! On the day we'll..

  • Go to our warehouse to pick up the props for the proposal.

  • Communicate with all parties to make sure everything is running smoothly and on time.

  • Ensure all suppliers know what they are doing and when.

  • We'll deal with the security - as with any London landmark, security is strict! 

  • Co-ordinate to make sure you get on to the walkway and your partner doesn't suspect a thing.

  • Decorare the walkway to make it YOURS. 

  • Get our acting hat on. We'll act as staff until you led your partner out on the walkway.

The Proposal

Just before you get to the doors of the walkway, your "Tour Guide" (our undercover proposal planner) will ask you both if you would like to go to the toilet before beginning your tour.

This is where you say yes and a member of staff will take you down the opposite walkway to the opposite side of the bridge to get ready. Meanwhile, your girlfriend will either go to the toilet as well, or if she decides not to go then a member of staff will stall her for a few minutes explaining historic fact’s of the bridge.

As we guide your partner towards the walkway, they will hear music playing, this will be a playlist of your chosen romantic songs, or even live musicians if you want them. They will start to walk towards the middle of the walkway, where she will find flowers and personalised decorations from you.

At the end they could find a personalised canvas including all of your special photos, with words along the lines of "I have something important to ask you.." This is when you meet your partner on the walkway and bend down on one knee, confess your love and pop the question. 


We'll even make sure everything runs smoothly once the proposal has ended. We'll.. 

  • Clean up Tower Bridge, and take all of the props with us. Tower Bridge are very strict with timings, so while you're celebrating we can deal with this.

  • Organise to get epic shots of the two of you after the proposal and outside Tower Bridge.

  • Liaise with photographers and videographers post event to get the edited photos to you (1-2 weeks) and edited footage to you (4-6 weeks). If you want a few shots for Instagram and showing family, we'll make sure they come over asap too.

As our slogan says "We do the planning. You pop the question". We know how daunting a proposal is, so we try to make it as easy as possible for you.

How much does a Tower Bridge proposal cost?

A Tower Bridge proposal starts at £2,500+ VAT. 

This will get you everything you need, and will include - 

  • Private hire of the Tower Bridge walkway

  • Romantic decorations, including candles, fairy lights and petals

  • Personalised decorations, including easel and Marry Me artwork

  • Professional photographer to capture the moment

  • The Proposers - our expert team of proposal planners. We are the exclusive official proposal partners of Tower Bridge

  • Planning and co-ordination of the event from start to finish

You can take a look at Okkes & Nergiz proposal video below!

Let us plan your Tower Bridge proposal

The Proposers know all there is to know about proposal planning with over 1,700 proposals planned across the world, and a 100% YES rate!

Want us to help you to propose at Tower Bridge or somewhere else you have in mind?

You can see our Tower Bridge proposal package here or if you want a custom proposal package to make your day extra special then contact one of our expert proposal planners here.

In light of recent events surrounding the Coronavirus, we're still open for business. We can still help you to plan your proposal from home via virtual consultations NOW so that all you have to do is set a date when we're back to normal. Contact our team to find out more about how we can help plan your proposal.


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