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Published on 3rd May '18

Matthieu approached us all the way from Paris, to plan his perfect jigsaw proposal for his girlfriend, Flore.  As our happy couple were travelling from France to London, we knew that it would be perfect to 'pop the question' in an iconic, historic venue with the most amazing views of London!

And of course we knew the perfect place… Tower Bridge.

Matthieu had told Flore that they were going to Tower Bridge for a train exhibition so his one true love didn't expect a thing... This wasn't any ordinary proposal, as there would be a huge surprise awaiting Flore as she arrived on the incredible glass walkway!

As the couple arrived, Flore was directed to the private walkway whilst Matthieu 'excused himself to the bathrooms'. Our Proposal Planners had transformed Tower Bridge with the most beautiful romantic decor including 20,000 red rose petals as this is Flore's favourite colour!

Along the centre, we placed 12 personalised jigsaw pieces followed by a red rose with a romantic message from Matthieu... Each of the messages were from Matthieu that described their beautiful relationship and were so heartfelt and touching.

At the end of the walkway, was the incomplete jigsaw that Flore would complete to reveal the mystery message…

As she reached the end of the walkway to complete the jigsaw, Matthieu approached her from the opposite end and handed over a gift box that had the final piece of the puzzle…

The final piece of the puzzle was the most important piece… it completed a collage of their happy memories together.

Matthieu then gave Flore the final red rose and romantic message which said "Now that you have everything assembled, have you thought to look behind the scenes?”

This was Flores que to then turn around the frame and read the all important question on the heart shaped piece…

The final piece to their puzzle said... 'Will You Marry Me' in French!

Matthieu then got onto one knee and asked the important question...


The happy couple then celebrated with champagne and enjoyed a celebratory photoshoot together in their exclusive iconic proposal spot!

Congratulations to our beautiful couple, Matthieu and Flore! We wish you a lifetime of happiness.

How lovely is Matthieu's review that he left us on our Google Reviews!

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