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Published on 14th May '15

Pete wanted to treat his girlfriend Cloe to a day of surprises that she will never forget. He wanted her to feel like a celebrity. We put his ideas together and organised a Love Actually Themed Proposal.

Shopping from Selfridges.


We booked Cloe into one of the most exclusive suites in the fabulous ME hotel on the Strand and found the top celebrity hair and make up stylists to pamper her on her big day; not to mention they arrived with the designer clothes, (and handbag!), that Pete had specifically chosen for Cloe.

Fast car... check.


Once Cloe was ready, she left the hotel to be greeted at the entrance by her ride a Ferrari and especially arranged 'paparazzi'.

We arranged for this stunning car to zoom her through the City until she got to the docks where waiting for Cloe was James Bonds speed boat where she cruised down the Thames and ate her favourite macaroons.

Speed boat... check.


The surprises and excitement certainly didn't stop there.

When Cloe disembarked the speed boat she then got on a helicopter, to an idyllic estate in the countryside in Hertfordshire.

 Here, Cloe met Pete and he guided her into a church, where - wait for it there's more - a scene from her favourite film was recreated.

Cloe and Proposal Planner Daisy in the helicopter.


And that was scene was from one of Cloe's all-time favourite romantic movies Love Actually!

As Cloe walked inside one instrument started, Cloe was completely shocked but not as much as when a 30 piece choir stood and sang "All You Need is Love", before Pete got down on one knee and popped the question!!!!

The amazing choir.


We are so pleased to tell you that Cloe and Pete are now happily married and we wish them all the best for the future.

'All you need is love, love, love is all you need.'

You can watch the entire thing here!

Pete told us "I just wanted to take this chance to say a huge huge thank you to you all for everything. I couldn't have arranged such an incredible proposal without all of your help. I cannot believe all the work you put in, but boy is it worth it. Thank you, we will never ever forget this day."

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