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Published on 11th May '15

So you know by now how much we (and a lot of our couples) LOVE LOVE LOVE Paris...

but this proposal was something we had never even dreamed of creating before!!

Kyle was visiting Paris with his beautiful girlfriend Ali all the way from Atlanta, Georgia and wanted our help in creating the most out of the world proposal, which is when we found Chateau Vaux-le-Vicomte just an hour's drive outside of Paris and we knew this was the one!!

The Chateau is an incredible 17th Century castle with incredible grounds and the most perfect location for a proposal!!!

On the proposal day we filled our car full of props and drove to catch the EuroTunnel across the Channel and through the French countryside until we reached our destination, which was even more stunning than the pictures!!!

Meanwhile in the centre of Paris we had arranged for a limo to pick up Kyle and the lovely Ali from their hotel. When they arrived at the Chateau they were greeted by Valentin (their personal guide for the night) and after a brief walk around the grounds before sunset they were taken to their exquisite dinner in an outside area of the venue.

Whilst they were enjoying their lobster and champagne we were busy decorating an amazing room in the Chateau ready for the proposal!!!

After dinner Valentin gave Kyle and Ali a tour of the Chateau telling them all about the history and decor when they reached this room...

Kyle told Ali to open the door...

which is when she saw our creation!

A trail of pink rose petals leading the way...

past our birdcage with love notes all addressed to Ali...

and a table full of candles, love letters, and pictures of the couple...

to the fireplace where champagne awaited them!

All whilst being serenaded by the wonderful Angie

Which is when Kyle popped the question!

And of course Ali said yes!!

The happy couple!

Look at that ring!

There was more!

After the proposal and a couple of glasses of champagne Kyle and Ali were led up to the roof to watch the breathtaking fireworks!

On the way up!

A bit of rain doesn't stop The Proposers!


Chateau Vaux-le-Vicomte

The whole of the grounds were candlelit with 2000 candles especially!!

Congratulations to Kyle & Ali this was one of our most beautiful proposals ever!!

If you loved this proposal and are looking for something just as amazing in Paris, London, Rome, Iceland, (or anywhere else you can think of), to pop the question then get in touch with one of our expert Romance and Proposal Planners at


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