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Published on 15th April '15

Jonathan was travelling all the way from Hong Kong to visit London on holiday with his beautiful girlfriend Christie for their Singing South Bank Proposal.

After they had breakfast in their central London hotel they went on a stroll down the SouthBank admiring the London Eye and the other London sights...

so Christie had no idea what was about to happen as they walked down the steps to admire the views of Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament!

Her presents!

Which was a collage of pictures of the couple...and accompanied by a Hydrangea (her favourite flower!!)


Christie was completely shocked and loved the frame and flower...

and it wasn't long before she was handed present number 2!

Another collage of all of Jonathan & Christie's many 'selfies!'

The couple then saw 'busker' playing a guitar who was actually one of our fab musicians!!

As they approached her she began to sing their favourite song A thousand years by Christina Perri,

and it wasn't long before two "passers-by" handed Christie the final photo and hydrangea before joining our singer to also serenade the couple!

Our singers

Listening to their song being sung to them!

Then, during the musical interlude, came the biggest surprise of all!!!!!

Our hand made signs!

And Jonathan's cue to get down on one knee!

Of course she said yes!!

You can watch the whole proposal on video below!!

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