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Published on 21st May '15

When Perran came to our office and told us that he wanted to propose to his partner Sophie in a petrol station - yes you heard correctly- a petrol station- we were shocked.

We managed to change his mind and having found out that Perran loves the beach and works with boats- not to mention looks like captain Jack Sparrow so we know a proposal on a private Island off Bournmouth would be perfect.

Sophie on her private island treasure hunt.

It was a boiling hot day and we created a pirate treasure hunt through the sand for Sophie. We created lots of clues for Sophie to guess, ending up at the end of the pier, where Perran dressed as Jack Sparrow, sailed over to her on his own boat.

In true Perran style he had made the ring which was inside a treasure box. He handed Sophie the key to the box, as she opened it, Perran got down on one knee and he asked her to marry him.

An amazing proposal.


Sophie then got into the boat and the couple sailed off into the sunset - a stunning proposal.

These guys have since had a beautiful baby, massive congratulations.

And you can watch the entire thing on video here!!

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