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Published on 22nd April '15

When Sunil decided to propose to his gorgeous girlfriend Taashi he knew it had to be extra special!!

So he got in touch with The Proposers to plan something she would absolutely love.

So when Sunil told Taashi they were off to Greenwich Park for the afternoon she had no idea what was about to happen!!

Luckily for us it was a beautiful sunny day and after transporting our massive box (very carefully!) on a bus and two trains...

...we arrived at the park to find the spot which would be perfect for this proposal!

Look at that view of Canary Wharf over the Thames!


When Sunil and Taashi arrived at the park after a quick drink they noticed the present in the middle of the grass!!

Sunil led Taashi over and it wasn't long before she had spotted the tag with her name on!

 The couple walking over...

And Taashi realising the present was for her!

Have you guessed what was inside the box yet???

One of our WILL YOU MARRY ME Balloons!!!

Taashi's reaction when she saw what was written on the balloon!!

And of course she said yes!

The 4 famous words!

The balloon was even in her favourite colours, black, purple and green!!

And after a slight mishap of the balloon flying away by a huge gust of wind it was rescued by Proposal Planner Daniella running across Greenwich Park so the couple could have it for their photo shoot after the proposal!!

The couple with the balloon

Taashi couldn't wait to tell all her family and friends!

Showing off the ring

So happy!

A huge congratulations to Sunil and Taashi!

The Proposers are the first UK proposal planners and have a 100% YES success rate!!! So if you're thinking of getting hitched and loved this proposal and want something just as amazing and personalised to your special someone then get in touch with one of our expert romance & proposal planners at


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