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Published on 30th April '15

When Sahil came to us he told us that his girlfriend Aarthie's favourite things were: dogs and disney.

We thought it was only fair to create a 'disney dog' proposal - because well, why not?!

It was a lovely summers day (on the rare occasion that the sun shines in London it really is magical) and it set the perfect scene for this proposal. We planned a picnic for Sahil and Aarthie.

Throughout the picnic, we dressed dog up in disney outfits, from Mickey and Minnie to Tiger and Piglet all greeted Aarthie with a note written by Sahil about why he loves her.

Our 'disney princess' delivering a special note.

Aathie just thought it was a nice surprise but she couldn't believe it when the last dog came out, dressed as Prince Charming, and on his cape was sewn in 'Will You Marry Me.' What a magical moment.

Prince Charming with the final message.

Of course she said YES!

You can watch the whole thing on our youtube channel here!

Aarthie told us "thank you, I loved loved loved this proposal, it was everything I could have ever dreamed of, thank you for organising it and make it happen for us."

This proposal couldn't have happened to a nicer couple- congratulations guys.

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