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The Journey of TV Show 'Will You Marry Me?' on Channel 4 with The Proposers

Tears, Cheers and Love Stories, our new proposal TV show

Will you marry me TV Show Behind the scenes

Are you ready for a rollercoaster of emotions, love and happy times? Dive into the world of romantic proposal planning in our brand-new TV show, 'Will You Marry Me?' coming to Channel 4! Join us at The Proposers, as we take you on a journey filled with surprises and heart-warming moments.

In the summer of 2023, we were fortunate enough to cross paths with nine couples each from varied walks of life and distinct backgrounds, making every love story more captivating than the one before. Ranging from school sweethearts to pairs who defied the odds to arrive to their 'marry me' moment. Our journey went from the hustle and bustle of London to the fields of Nottingham, the charming seaside towns of Wales and even the picturesque Swiss Alps where one lucky bride-to-be said 'yes'. Each encounter was an introduction to love stories as varied as the locations they took us to.

Channel 4 Will You Marry Me The Proposers

Getting to know the couples wasn’t just about taking notes for a grand romantic gesture it was about diving deep into the timeline of their stories and the bonds that makes their partnership thrive. They opened up to express their tackles and hardships they’ve faced as individuals and partners, that ultimately have brought them together, and in this moment we weren't just ‘event planners’ we were here to tell their story and given the huge privilege of coming up with a proposal idea as unique as their love story, a task we accepted with extreme excitement and determination to succeed.

The proposers filming will you marry me, channel 4

So, buckle up and come behind the curtain with us as we show you what we do best. Whether it’s brainstorming into the night, huddled over cups of coffee’s that have definitely gone cold, at our HQ in the Shard or ensuring everything is utterly seamless for when our couples arrive (even if we have to run around to extinguish fires - blood, sweat and tears) our team brings a mix of passion, fun, and a slight obsession for love to the table. With our friendly approach and our founder Daisy Amodio at the helm - we live to spread magic and transform a potentially nerve wrecking 'on bended knee moment' into an epic happily ever after ending as all couples deserve!

The Proposers channel 4

We’re not just here to plan events; we’re crafting forever memories, and quite frankly, we wouldn’t have it any other way! Welcome to our world, where love is love, and every proposal is a story waiting to be told. No matter big or small - the sentiment at the centre of it all is truly what makes a 'yes' moment extraordinary.


We can't wait for you to see "Will You Marry Me" on Channel 4

Clear your diaries and get the popcorn ready; the romantic whirlwind that is 'Will You Marry Me?' hits Channel 4 shortly. Brace yourselves for an emotional journey that promises to tug at your heartstrings and maybe even bring a tear or two (of the very best kind, of course). You'll get an inside to the behind-the-scenes magic conjured by our team at The Proposers, witnessing first-hand the creativity and heart that goes into crafting those jaw-dropping moments of love. As well as the incredible couples who we had the privilidge of meeting on their journey to forever! So, whether you're a hopeless romantic or a skeptic in need of some convincing, tune in for an array of love stories that are anything but ordinary. Get ready to be charmed, moved, and utterly captivated.



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