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Published on 7th July '17

In the light of the annual Pride festival, we wanted to give that extra bit of advice to same-sex couples who are wanting to 'pop the question'... From our experience of planning lots of LGBT proposals, our clients have dreamt of that big white wedding, whereas others haven't as much! We have seen a large increase in LGBT in marriage proposals, since the legalisation of gay marriages in 2014 in England and Wales. It is a very well known that in a straight relationship, it is traditional for the man to ask the woman for her hand in marriage. However, the question of 'who proposes in a same sex relationship?' is a subject that many couples come across. We believe that there is never a right or wrong answer of who should get on one knee! Sometimes the decision can be made through a simple conversation of who wants to propose. But we know that a lot of people still want to keep this a surprise from their partner, therefore you have to do what feels right. You know your partner better than anyone, and if you feel the time is right to pop the question... then you should! These days, people are opting for untraditional marriage proposals and weddings, people are wanting to give more simplistic or outrageous signs of love!

Check out this same sex couples extravagant marriage proposal while sky diving from an airplane!

Take a look at one of our emotional same-sex proposal that we created on the walkway of Tower Bridge:

Harm and his partner Janco have the most romantic love story!

The happy couple met in the cockpit of an airplane whilst beginning their Pilot journey of travelling the world....

After getting back from a trip to Miami, Harm wanted to surprise Janco with a last minute trip to London

He wanted to completely surprise Janco with the most beautiful proposal. The proposal spot had to be a famous landmark in London with an incredible view and private space... we knew the perfect location!


Janco, soon made his way up to the Tower Bridge walkway...

He was completely blown away by the romantic decor and 3 mysterious canvas with 'Open Me Janco' attached to them!


As he opened each canvas he was excited to see all of their happy memories travelling the world, all in one space!

In even more excitement, Harm walked out and surprised Janco

Whilst being serenaded by musicians, Harm got down on one knee and asked his partner that all important question...



Just look how happy they both look! We are so happy for Harm & Janco and we wish the happy couple the best future travelling the world together in the cockpit!

Take a look at the full proposal video here... make sure to grab your tissues!

Harm Said: 'I could not thank The Proposers enough for all of their hard work and love put into my proposal! Every touch was how I imagined it and Janco is still blown away. I would recommend The Proposers to anyone, even with the time differences they are working constantly to make sure everything went perfect.'

We stand, with love and support LGBT

We've planned over 1,700 marriage proposals, from Iceland to India and everywhere in between. If you have been inspired by this proposal or have another proposal idea, contact us at or take a further look on our website for more information!


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