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Published on 16th February '24

South of France proposal, man on one knee

A Romantic Villa Ephrussi Proposal

From meticolous planning to an unforgettable luxury proposal in a once-in-a-lifetime venue, when The Proposers are at the helm, love blossoms in the most extravagant, memorable and magical ways.

The French Riviera steals the hearts of many of our couples, with its natural beauty, sun-kissed style and glamour. Côte d’Azur beckons with its dazzling coastline and luxurious resorts and we totally agree it is one of the best places to propose in Europe.

There are many options for your South of France marriage proposal from outstanding villas with rich history, to yacht cruises with perfect views, picnics on the beach for something more intimate or proposals in luxury hotels with wonderful 5* service.

Cote D'Azur is one of the best proposal locations in Europe not only for the wide range of offerings possible but also due to the mild temperatures year round, making it a stunning backdrop through all seasons.

We had the pleasure of creating this remarkable French Riviera proposal in one of our all time favourite locations for a romantic proposal, Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild. Nestled between Monte Carlo in Monaco and Nice, France it is the perfect location to propose. The proposal took place in late December and it was truly a celebration remember with one beautiful engaged couple J&D and a very happy ‘yes’ moment.

Villa Ephrussi proposal

Photography courtesy of Wild Roses

D reached out to us in the hopes of planning the day in the enchanting villa as the couple have heard about the estate while planning their trip to the French Riviera and J dreamt of visiting. D thought this could be the most incredible surprise – instead of arriving to the museum during the public viewing hours, he hired the entire place just for the two of them as a secret.

Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild is renowned not only for its beauty - with it’s architectural grandeur and pink façade, 9 immaculate gardens and picturesque views of the Mediterranean Sea; but also for it’s historical significance.  Therefore upon arrival the couple took a ‘tour’ of the location by a professional guides. While they enjoyed hearing about the stunning venue, J had no idea what was to come.

At this time our proposal planning team were busy meticulously setting the stage for their forever moment...

Romantic proposal setup South of France

Proposal company South of France

We transformed the gorgeous Florentine Terrace which has the most outstanding panoramas, with hundreds of rose petals, floral arrangements and candles for a perfect romantic engagement. We also organised their favourite romantic tunes so they can be serenaded with melodies of love and iced the champagne to prepare for a celebratory toast.

All was set and finally the time had arrived.

D led J down the pathway and she couldn’t believe what her eyes saw…

Engaged couple Cote D'Azur

Romantic engagement French Riviera

As the surprise was revealed the music stopped and D got down on one knee to ask the all important question “Will you marry me”?

J rejoiced and of course answered with a loving “yes”!

Marriage proposal venue South of France

After officially becoming fiancés the pair had time to celebrate, take in the occasion (and views) as well as exchange words of love.

Engagement ring in proposal French Riviera

Then the couple enjoyed a photoshoot throughout the villa and nine gardens to capture the occasion with forever memories and photos.

Engaged couple photoshoot villa ephrussi

Congratulations to J & D, the most incredible couple! We were so honoured to have organised this big day for you and wish you a lifetime of happiness and celebration ahead!

Proposing in South of France with The Proposers is an experience that combines the never ending beauty and glamour of the destination with the artistry of a team committed to making your proposal truly unforgettable. Whether you envision a grand gesture or an intimate moment, The Proposers can transform your dreams into a reality that you and your partner will treasure forever.

We are here to help you plan your engagement! Make your French Riviera proposal an unforgettable chapter in your love story—a tale of romance, luxury, and mesmerizing allure.

Read more about our proposals in the South of France here.

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