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Published on 11th January '20

Valentine's Day is one of the most popular days of the year to propose, with more than a million couples usually getting engaged on the 14th February. 

We've planned 100's of proposals on Valentine's Day, and as it's so popular it's even more important than usual to have something unique and personal that makes your partner know how special they are to you. 

Here's our favourite Valentine's Day proposal ideas.

Valentine's Day Proposal - Ideas For Proposing On Valentine's

1) London's Landmarks On Valentine's

The most popular proposal on Valentine's Day? A proposal at one of London's many landmarks. The three most popular landmarks are Tower Bridge, where you can rent a private walkway above Tower Bridge, London Eye, where you can rent your own private pod, and The Shard, where you can get your own private room at the Shangri-la. These all can be made personal for you and your partner! 

Want to propose at one of London's landmarks? Contact us now or view our London packages

2) Hotel Bedroom

For Valentine's Day you may want something a little more than just your proposal, so why not get your proposal and celebrations all in one? We can personally decorate a room at some of the world's best hotels for you to propose and then you can celebrate in style through the night with your loved one afterwards. 

Thinking of proposing in a beautiful hotel bedroom? Get in touch

3) Private Dining Experience

If you want to escape the busy London restaurants for your Valentine's Day proposal then a private dining experience could be for you. We love The Shard for private dining, as we can hire and decorate a private room for you, and set up a dining experience with the BEST views of London.

Want a private dining experience proposal? Speak to one of our expert planners

4) Treasure Hunt

Send your loved one on a romantic treasure hunt around London to some of their favourite locations, or to some of London's best landmarks. We can arrange for there to be a gift handed out by one of our proposal planners at each step of the hunt. You'll be waiting at the final location, ready for your Valentine's proposal. 

Want to propose with a treasure hunt proposal? Contact us now

5) Cruise on the Thames

Take in London’s iconic landmarks such as Tower Bridge, Westminster, St. Paul's, London Eye and so much more whilst you cruise along the Thames, or one of London's beautiful canals. Whether you want a luxury speedboat, a steamboat, a canal boat, or, even a private room on an evening dinner cruise.

Thinking of proposing with a Cruise on the Thames? Get in touch

6) City Break

Looking to take your partner away for Valentine's Day? You won't go wrong with the city of love, Paris, for Valentine's, but there are many more romantic places in Europe and around the world. Surprise your partner with a trip away, and then keep the surprises coming as you drop down on one knee on the trip.

Beware of crowds though if you are going to propose with a view of a beautiful landmark. That's why we love proposals that are more intimate, private and personal like our epic Paris terrace proposal below with the most amazing views of the Eiffel Tower.

Want a proposal abroad? Speak to one of our expert planners

7) Winter Bandstand

February means that it's still winter. So an outdoor Valentine's Day proposal really can often be dependent on the weather. One of our favourite outdoor proposal ideas is to propose at one of London's beautiful bandstands. Our favourite is Battersea Bandstand, where we can decorate a bandstand with candles, fairy lights and personalised decorations. 

Want to propose in one of London's bandstands? Contact us now

8) Winter Picnic

Another winter proposal for the list, and we just a love winter picnic. Take a romantic stroll through the park, when you come across a beautifully decorated private area under a tree for you and your partner. Celebrate with champagne and food, and take in the stars in the sky.

Thinking of proposing with a winter picnic? Get in touch

9) Secret Cinema

Imagine creating a video of your relationship showing why you love your partner, or perhaps you love Disney and we create a montage of famous Disney clips about love and marriage. Our personal favourite movies are clips from famous films with actors saying 'Will you marry me' mixed together - it's enough to spark a tear to anyone's eye, especially on Valentine's Day.

Want to propose at your own secret cinema? Get in touch

10) Wine Tasting

A wine tasting proposal is great for people looking for a fun but romantic date. Tell your partner that you're taking them for a private one on one wine tasting, while we create personalised wines, and have a sommelier on hand to guide you through your wine tasting evening. Once the wine tasting is over, the wines labels will be peeled off to reveal the words "Will You Marry Me?", to the shock of your loved one.

Inspired by this wine tasting proposal? Speak to one of our expert planners

11) Floating Balloon

A floating balloon can be a great way to surprise your partner in a completely unique and fun way on Valentine's Day. Imagine taking a stroll along the river, when your partner, to their surprise, spots a beautifully wrapped large present box with his or her name on it. As your excited partner opens the box, a balloon pop's out revealing the words ‘Will You Marry Me?’. 

Want to propose with a floating balloon on Valentine's Day? Contact us now

12) Fireworks Proposal

Are you looking to add fireworks to your Valentine's Day proposal (literally)? Whilst a violinist plays your partner's favourite song, and fireworks go off in the background, take your partner out onto the balcony and tell them why you love them.

Thinking of adding fireworks to your proposal? Get in touch

Top Tips For A Valentine's Day Proposal

Make it personal - As we have said already Valentine's Day is one of the most popular days of the year to propose, and couples all over the world will be out celebrating their love. A few personal touches go along way to making your proposal extra special for your partner. Whether it's their favourite song being played by a musician, canvases with images from your relationship or a proposal at a location that means something to them. Make sure the proposal encompasses you, your partner and your relationship.

Avoid the crowds - The most popular and romantic venues will become busier on Valentine's Day, and this will make it harder to make your proposal intimate. We recommend finding somewhere more private for your proposal so that you can share in the moment together. We know all of the best hidden locations in London that give you the best views at the same time.

Dress to impress - If you're getting a photographer or taking photos yourself, then these photos will be looked at for the rest of your life. So make sure you get your partner to dress up. Believe us, they will thank you!

Let us plan your Valentine's Day proposal

We've planned over 1,700 marriage proposals, and have a 100% YES rate! We're based in Soho in London, but have planned proposals from Iceland to India and everywhere in between.

If you have been inspired to propose on Valentine's Day with one of the ideas above, or have another proposal idea in mind, contact us now to speak with one of our expert proposal planners. 


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