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Published on 5th March '15

We know you've all been waiting to hear the full stories behind our SIX Valentine's Day proposals we told you about here... introducing the first one we've been bursting to tell you about, Raju & Simmy!

Raju came to us for help in proposing to his beautiful girlfriend Simmy and we got to work coming up with the perfect plan.

Simmy thought that Raju was just taking her for a romantic v day meal...

 Little did she know what was about to happen as they walked through St. Pauls!

...when they spotted a 'busker' on the steps overlooking the amazing view of the City of London.

Now of course you know us well enough by now to know this wasn't any old busker...but one of our fabulous singers, Chris, who serenaded the couple as they walked over with 'Thinking Out Loud' by Ed Sheeran which they both love. So naturally they stopped to listen.

Which is when Simmy spotted...

The box with her name on!

Which Raj encouraged her to open

Which is when our hand made balloon popped out...saying Marry Me!

And Raju popped the question!

All caught by our fantastic hidden photographer Jamie...and of course she said YES!!!!!!

The happy couple...

...sharing their amazing news!

Posing with our custom made balloon (which of course she carried around for the rest of the evening!)

A close up of those all important words!

Raju said "Omg it was the best day of my life, could never have done it without you girls and you only had 2 days to pull this off! You're amazing and we'll never forget it!"

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