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Published on 17th December '12

A love story....

A couple of weeks ago we were contacted by Peter for proposal ideas as he desperately wanted to propose to his girlfriend in a really unique way. We spent ages going though his form with him and learning as much as we could about their relationship before deciding on a travel themed proposal. Peter described his girlfriend as "adventurous and desperate to see as much of the world as possible" so it was inevitable that we decided vintage travel, paper planes and a gorgeous personalised passport would be the main focus of the proposal. Here's what happened:

Our couple arrived in the romantic city of Cambridge (somewhere they had always wanted to visit) and headed out for a (slightly wet) walk to see all of the gorgeous university colleges and stop off for lunch at a Michelin starred restaurant. At the restaurant Rhea was handed a small paper airplane by the waiter. At the time, she had no idea what this meant.

When they left the restaurant to walk around the Christmas market in Cambridge, Rhea was handed yet another paper plane by a complete stranger.From this point onwards she was continually handed paper planes whilst she walked around Cambridge (The Proposers' photographer was there to snap photos without her knowing!) The rest of the planes were handed to her by children, a Cambridge Uni Student, the hotel doorman and the receptionist (yup, everyone was in on the plan!) but the biggest surprise was yet to come.

With personalised R and P letters, luggage tags with memories Peter had from each holiday together and a personalised passport, the room was literally chock a block with things to make her smile! The passport was particularly special...the stamps inside were all of places they had visited together and the back page hinted at what was about to happen:


Here at Proposer HQ, we love seeing our proposals bought to life. So, sit back and enjoy one of our amazing proposals in action. And get the tissues's going to make you cry:

Yet another successful proposal from The Proposers. If you want help coming up with unique proposal ideas, in the UK or Worldwide, then we can help you! We cater for every budget - from recession friendly proposals to impressive VIP proposals!


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