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Published on 4th June '20

If you and your partner have a passion for travelling then bringing that into your proposal will make for a romantic gesture sure to get the yes!

Whether you want to propose abroad, in the UK, or even at home, we have a travel themed proposal idea for you! 

Travel Themed Proposal Ideas

1. Take your proposal abroad

If you have the luxury of taking your partner away then a proposal abroad is a great way to pop the question. We'd always recommend that the proposal location means something to your partner. Whether that's the first country you visited as a couple, or the city they've always dreamed of visiting, just make sure that the location has a meaning behind it.

2. Visit Somewhere in the UK

Just because you can't travel abroad doesn't mean that your proposal plans have to be ruined. There are so many beautiful locations in the UK. Some of our favourites include a magical proposal in Bath (below), a scenic Lake District proposal, or a fairy tale castle proposal. You can view some of our most popular UK packages here.

3. Transform a space into your favourite travel location

Imagine your back garden transformed into an Ibiza chic beach bar or a bedroom at your favourite hotel turned into the Cappadocia skyline. Wherever you wanted to go, we can help bring it to you!

4. Send your partner on a travel themed treasure hunt

You can take your partner all over the world without ever needing to leave your home! Send them on a scavenger hunt around your hometown, only for them to come back to find a room decorated with maps and decorations from your favourite countries. You can even put the ring inside a passport for an extra special touch.

5. Wine tasting from around the world

Are you and your partner wine lover's? Have you visited countries famous for their wines? Then why not host your very own wine tasting! Create personalised bottles with wines from your favourite countries, and the bottles will reveal the words "Will You Marry Me?" It's the perfect date night, while being romantic and personal at the same time.

Let us plan your Travel Themed proposal

We've planned over 2,000 marriage proposals with a 100% YES rate.

Speak to The Proposers today to start planning your Travel themed proposal.

Contact us here for a free consultation with one of our expert proposal planners.


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