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Published on 26th August '14

I think we've just seen one of the rainiest August Bank Holiday weekends in years. However, The Proposers will always pull off a cracking proposal whatever the weather! This weekend we had TWO proposals with the first one taking place in the hustle and bustle of Trafalgar Square. Our lovely couple are originally from Denmark and we rallied up 16 members of the public to hold personalised umbrellas popping the question.

Here's what happened:

 These are our gorgeous bright red umbrellas that we hand-sewn white roses on!

Rehearsals underway as we get ready for our lovely couple to arrive!

Daisy our fabulous Proposal Planner making sure everyone is standing in the right positions.

As the public gathered in the rain we waited for the couple to arrive...

Here he is down on one knee!

Everyone was cheering and clapping... even the policemen!

She was in total shock when she turned around to see this!

Can you believe our bride-to-be even had a bird poo on her during the proposal (apparently a sign of good luck!)

Despite the weather it was a fabulous proposal and of course we got a big fat yes!

Congratulations guys!

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