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Published on 3rd July '15

The Proposers, only knowing that he wanted to propose, he had no ideas and little budget, but we managed to pull some strings and pull off one of our most iconic proposals ever. We found out that Michaela, originally German love to tour London - so what's better than to hire an iconic red double decker London bus, fill it with random people, give Gabriel 2 tickets so this special journey and take them on a tour around all their favourite places in London.  'The Happy Couple.'   We got the bus to pick Michaela up from outside her work and take her on the journey of a lifetime, ending up in her own back garden. Our Proposal planners Daisy and Ellie were the tour guides, and having devised a special route took the couple to their favourite restaurants, the place they went to for Michaela's birthday, the place Gabriel helped to build (wow!), until the bus stopped outside their favourite pub. 2 special guests got on board carrying champagne and glasses. Michaela couldn't believe 2 of her best friends had just got on and cried with happiness - it really was magical.

Proposal planner turned London tour guide.   But the trip of a lifetime didn't end there. Ellie- one of our proposal planners announced that the bus tour was ending in North London and if anyone lived there they could stay on the bus. Yes, you could have guessed it Michaela, Gabriel and their two best friends were the only ones left. The bus stopped outside the couples house, despite being completely shocked Michaela still didn't have a clue what was coming next.

Wow, what a memory to share with all those closest. They got off the bus, opened the garden door only to be greeted by family and friends who had flown in from around the world, giving Gabriel the perfect opportunity to ask Michaela to marry him. Michaela's reaction really was priceless - you have to watch the video - its as amazing as it sounds!

Congratulations Gabriel and Michaela. Michaela told us "I cried on the day and haven't stopped since. It was my dream proposal, and I cannot believe how personalised the whole day was. I love what you do, every detail was perfect. You're amazing, thank you so much."  


The Proposers.

If you're interesting in creating a perfectly personalised and unique proposal, then get in touch; we're the proposal experts and have organised over 1700 successful YES so what's stopping you?

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