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Published on 5th December '17

proposal ornament with ring in London proposal

Did you know that December is the most popular month to ‘pop the question’?

With all of your family and friends coming together in the jolly Christmas season, what is more romantic then popping the question and celebrating altogether...

London is one of the most beautiful cities in the world… especially at Christmas! There are so many stunning locations to create the special moment for you and your partner.

Winter Wonderland

One of our favourite locations to visit in London during Christmas is Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park… this is one that you definitely don’t want to miss out on.


Winter Wonderland was first created 10 years ago when it started off with a couple market stalls and a tiny merry-go-round... now it is now one of the largest Christmas Markets and also largest Christmas landmark event in Britain! Every year, there are growing numbers of activities, Christmas stands, food stalls from all over the world, bars and live music.

We absolutely love the jolly spirits of Winter Wonderland however, you would need to be very strategic with your proposal. As it is such a busy landmark you wouldn't want a tourist getting in the way of that important photo opportunity or even somehow messing up your moment!

Ice Skating

Another top attraction to 'pop the question' during the festive Christmas period is ice skating. There are so many incredible ice skating rinks all at the best of locations around London, that can help make your proposal even more magical. When it comes to ice skating it is either the BEST proposal idea ever, or the WORST ...


Imagine if your partner is not comfortable on the ice... they are sure to be clenching hold of that hand rail sliding themselves around the ice rink veeeeery slowly. Therefore, your partner would absolutely hate it if you took her by the hand and dragged her into the middle of the ice rink as you 'pop the question'! Realistically your partner will trip, fall or cry and the proposal will be a disaster! However...



You must make sure that your partner is a confident ice skater and has all of those tricks hidden up their sleeve if you want to propose on the ice... You could completely WOW your partner by hiring flashmob dancers to surprise you both and perform a romantic gesture for you both whilst you 'pop the question' in the middle of the ice.

ice skating proposal in London

Here are our top ice skating rinks in London:

natural history museum ice rink proposal

Natural History Museum

Hampton court palace proposal ice ring

Hampton Court Palace

Tower of London Ice Skating proposal

Tower of London Ice Skating

Canary Wharf ice rink proposal

Ice Rink Canary Wharf

Alexandra Palace proposal Christmas

Alexandra Palace

Somerset House Proposal ice ring

Somerset House

Christmas Trees in London

One of the most traditional ‘Christmassy’ ways to ‘pop the question’ is in front of your Christmas tree at home with the engagement ring nicely wrapped up under the tree. However, why not take it the next level with a Christmas Tree proposal in London…

But now you must be thinking, how do I go about ‘popping the question’ at a Christmas tree in the centre of London? Well… imagine sending your partner on a treasure hunt around some of your most memorable or favourite places. At every destination they are surprised with a beautifully wrapped gift, or even a love letter from you, and to make it even more epic, how about an actor dressed as an elf to hand your partner these gifts!

Xmas proposal surprise in London

The final destination will be a beautiful Christmas tree where you will be waiting to reunite and then get down onto one knee to 'pop the question'… how romantic!

Christmas proposal in London

London has some of the most incredible Christmas Trees where you could creatively propose to your one true love, these are our favourites!

Covent Garden Trafalgar Square

Christmas tree proposal Covent Garden

London proposal Christmas Tree Trafalgar Square

Secret Cinemas

Within the past year one of the coolest and most popular trends has been Secret Cinemas! With so many different secret cinemas based all around London and a range of different themes, this is definitely a great location to 'pop the question' this Christmas!

The questions must be running through your mind... How do I propose in a Secret Cinema? Isn't it weird to propose in a cinema? At what point do I propose during the film? Well don't worry about that because we have the answer to all of your questions...

Your secret cinema proposal isn't going to be any ordinary 'getting on one knee during the best part of the film'... how about this for an EPIC proposal... We could hire out the entire secret cinema and completely transform it with the most romantic decorations and then to top it all of you watch your very own personalised movie! This movie could be a collaboration of all of your partners favourite romantic scenes or even a VERY secret production starring.... YOU! But it doesn't stop there, you can both then celebrate and indulge in personalised popcorn, candy-floss, biscuits whilst watching your favourite movie.

Cinema proposal London

Market Stalls

Christmas markets are expanding year by year and as they expand, they are becoming more of a popular place to 'pop the question'. But it isn't as simple as you think to create the most magical marriage proposal in a Market Stall... nothing is stopping you from getting down on one knee as you buy your partner that mulled wine that they've been craving however... you could seriously go the extra mile and have the most creative Market Stall Marriage Proposal ever!

Start off by taking your partner to a really cute Christmas market and acting as everything is normal, until... you come across a snow globe stand. However, this isn't just any ordinary snow globe stand, there is actually a snow globe with a photo of you both inside of it! And the surprises don't stop there, at every stall you pass, your partner comes across a personalised gift tailored to your relationship! She is bound the be surprised at this. Top it off with the most epic proposal shot in front of a beautiful Christmas tree and a SHE SAID YES!

Christmas Market proposal London

Credit: Days out with kids, Hampton Court Palace, Visit London, V London City, Somerset House, Rebecca Hope Instagram

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