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Published on 10th June '15

When the producers of a new Sky 1 show approached us to be part of an exciting new project - and to find a couple for the ultimate proposal - we knew just the guy and girl for the job! The show Extreme Phobias Extreme Cures - follows groups of people with extreme phobias as they try to tackle their fears. And The Proposers couldn't wait to get involved. In episode two of the series, which aired on Sky 1 on Wednesday night (June 10), 10 hopefuls with a fear of heights had to fight their fear for the ultimate challenge - to scale one of Britain's tallest towers to take part in an important event: a proposal.

The team trained for a week; first climbing ladders, then braving a cherry-picker, a cable car, and scaffolding. Then, it was proposal day - but the team had no idea what to expect. The Proposers founder Daisy, and proposal planner Amy, met the team to give them the ultimate challenge - taking part in a proposal on top of the 300ft ArcelorMittal Orbit in the Olympic Park.

But we were worried they wouldn't go through with it. There were tears and tantrums and some even stormed off before they'd even left the ground. For a minute, it looked as though The Proposers would have to save the day and arrange the signs ourselves (we couldn't let our client down!) but then the group found some bravery and started climbing...

After what seemed like forever, the group (at least, some of them!) made it to the top - after a little pep talk from Daisy - and then it was time for the all-important moment: the proposal. Our lucky couple - Daniel and Maddo - were choppered in and as they flew towards the Orbit tower, they spotted the 'Will you marry me?' sign below - along with a group of very brave proposal planners!

Thankfully, for all the phobics and TV crew, she said yes! And there were cheers all round as the news got back to the team!

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