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Published on 17th June '13

We were thrilled to see Marie Claire mentioned The Proposers in their article on elaborate marriage proposals! Contact The Proposers if you need any proposal help or ideas.

Why is the public proposal so popular?

Lovestruck beaux can turn to UK-based firm The Proposers for creative help. The company's founder, Daisy Amodio, says the inspiration for their business came from watching a man propose to his girlfriend by spelling out his message in candles in a park. Since then, the duo has organised proposals that range from a man who wanted be a knight in shining armour and popped the question in a castle (Amodio and her team had to convince him not to wear the helmet for the big moment), to a London-wide treasure hunt, to a $15,000 extravaganza that saw the suitor whisk his girlfriend to New York and into personalised boutique filled with designer shoes and clothes that matched her style.

The knight in shining armour proposal by The Proposers "It's gone utterly crazy," Amodio said. "We... have been overrun by demand. A lot of it is following celebrity trends, and the movies, of course. In days gone by you might have gone for a walk in the park to propose, but that's not enough now.

We are the UK and Europe’s leading Romantic Event and Proposal Planners. We have planned over 1,700 marriage proposals all across the world, all with a 100% yes rate! If you have been inspired and would like our help to plan your own personalised proposal, then get in touch at or check out our website for more information Take a closer look at our Proposals to allow us to create that once-in-a-lifetime experience for you and your soon to be finance.


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