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Published on 9th June '18

We were asked by the producers of ITV Good Morning Britain to be a part of their very exciting Valentine's Day segment. We absolutely love being filmed for exciting TV segments and are complete pros at it by now, as back in 2014 we had our very own show which was called 'The Proposers'... obviously!

Being the UK & Europe's leading Proposal Planners & Romance Experts we were the go to and perfect choice to be a part of this exciting feature.

The project began by brainstorming creative and unique proposal ideas that would look beautiful in the grounds of the filming location, Stoke Park!

Stoke Park is a gorgeous hotel situated in Buckinghamshire. The hotel is located upon acres of land with some utterly breath-taking backdrops, so the set up locations were endless.

Stoke Park

Image Credit: Stoke Park

Our chosen spot was outside in the beautiful grounds with the backdrop of Stoke Park.

Our amazing suppliers, Virtual Event's provided us with their 6ft tall flower LOVE letters which were the perfect focus point to our proposal spot. But thats not everything... what about the finer details?

On the day of filming our Proposal Planners Daisy & Sophie began to set up the creative proposal spot surrounding the gorgeous letters. Its all about the finishing touches as we like to say with our proposals! Now the scene may look absolutely glamorous but behind the scene, a lot of work is put in to making sure everything went to plan whilst the cameras were on.

With thanks to the Stoke Park team for providing a 20ft tall ladder, our Proposal Planners were able to reach onto the ginormous tree to hang delicate glass baubles with real roses inside and rose garland filled bird cages and hunt with clear string. These are the perfect effect when you have a breathtaking backdrop!

It was filming time and everything went completely naturally for our camera loving founder, Daisy! She's a pro!

Stoke Park

If you watched 'Im A Celebrity - Get me out of here' then you wouldn't have missed strawberry eating Iain Lee! We were lucky enough to meet the TalkRadio presenter whilst he interviewed Daisy for the segment! But wait for it, that's not just it...

He loved the set up so much that he even took it upon himself to ask Daisy the all-important question...

Daisy, Do you want to win £100,000?

Click the video below to check out Daisy's answer!


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