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Published on 21st November '14

Ben knew he wanted to propose to his girlfriend Charlotte but had no idea how to pop the question. He told us he wanted something personalised and completely tailored to her. After finding out more about Charlotte we soon realised that she was obsessed with Disney and absolutely adored cute little dogs so we knew exactly what to do.

After sitting down with the team and Ben singing every Disney song we knew, we settled on a very fun and incredibly romantic song. Kiss the girl from the Disney film The Little Mermaid. The words are absolutely perfect!


We then decided to dress a dog up as a mermaid as you do! We were quite impressed with our creative skills!

We hired two West End singers to perform the song and they were AMAZING. With the gorgeous backdrop of the Thames, private garden and the sun beaming it couldn't have been more perfect.

Towards the end of the song, the dog came over with a sign that said, Charlotte, Ben has a question to ask. That was Bens cue...

How adorable!

Daisy with one of our singers and our gorgeous dog

Sadly Ben's recovering from an accident, but that didn't stop him pulling this fab proposal out of the bag. She said yes and we had two extremely happy clients!

Ben's big moment

The amazing reaction!

One big fat yes!!

Proposal planner Daisy with the lovely couple and our singers!

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