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Published on 11th January '20

flashmob musical proposal in London

If you're looking for an outdoor winter proposal then London is one of the best places for it. London has some of the best parks in the world, with it's 8 Royal Parks, and these parks can make for the perfect backdrop to a proposal in the winter.

We love planning winter proposals, and another great thing about them is they are easy to keep a surprise from your partner. There is nothing suspicious about taking a romantic stroll in the park or going to visit the newest pop up bar in the middle of a park! So here are some of our favourite outdoor winter proposal locations and ideas..

The Best Outdoor Winter Proposal Ideas

1) Richmond - Terrace Gardens

Richmond Park is a great option for an outdoor proposal, with 630 deer roaming freely around the London park. But we just love the more secret Terrace Gardens in Richmond, with it's view of the Thames and more secluded feel.

The Terrace Gardens features a beautiful undercover terrace which we can decorate to a winter escape for you and your loved one. Once you have proposed, you can celebrate with nibbles and champagne in your secret winter hideaway.

Richmond park proposal

Want to propose in Richmond? Contact us now

2) Italian Gardens

The Italian Gardens is set in one of London's most beautiful Royal Parks, Kensington Gardens. Take a second to take in the view of the fountain, and as you do that we can get west end singers to approach you.

Your loved one will still be unaware as the surprise musicians play her favourite song, but as the song comes to an end our singers will hand your partner a note. As she realises what is about to happen you drop down on one knee.

Hyde Park proposal

Want to propose in The Italian Gardens? Contact us now

3) Regent’s Park

Regent's Park is another one of London's Royal Parks that we just love for an outdoor winter proposal. How about a winter picnic as the setting for your proposal? 

Our proposal planners can set up the perfect proposal spot underneath a secluded tree and transform the area in to a cosy winter hideaway! We'll cover the space in blankets, pillows, lanterns, twinkling tea lights and personalised decorations. As you settle down for your picnic in the relaxing ambience, a violinist can serenade you with your favourite songs!

Want to propose in Richmond Park? Contact us now

4) Battersea Bandstand

Battersea bandstand is one of the most beautiful locations in London for a proposal, and it's also one of our most popular packages. We can custom decorate the bandstand for you and have a musician playing your loved ones favourite songs.

Dropping down on one knee on a winter evening with the shining lights in the bandstand, makes for the perfect photo and a romantic proposal.

bandstand proposal in London at winter

Want to propose in Battersea Bandstand? Contact us now

Our Top Tips For Proposing Outdoors in Winter

1) Prepare for bad weather - The most obvious drawback to an outdoor proposal in winter is the weather (especially in London). If the rain does hit, then it's always good to have a back up. When planning a proposal outdoors, we always make sure to have a back up wet weather option.

2) Get your partner to dress appropriately - Make sure your partner is dressed for being outside. We don't want them to catch a cold, by wearing just a dress and heels, thinking they're going for dinner. But also make sure they're wearing something they're happy to be photographed in underneath, if you're getting a photographer. These photos will be around forever! 

3) Plan properly - This is not just a tip for winter, but a tip for any proposal. Make sure you have a solid plan in place, so that you know where you're going to pop the question, how you're going to keep it a surpise, how you're going to decorate the space to keep it personal and more. 

Let us plan your Winter Proposal

The Proposers know all there is to know about proposal planning with over 1,700 proposals planned across the world, and a 100% YES rate!

Want us to help you to propose this winter? Contact one of our expert proposal planners here.


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