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Published on 1st May '20

Bahai temple in Haifa with beautiful gardens

A perhaps unexpected, but never the less romantic destination for marriage proposals is Israel, also known as the Holy Land. Where better to start your future adventure than here! 

Our expert destination planner, Minnie, has come up with her 6 most romantic places to propose in Israel.  

Where to Propose in Israel

Tel Aviv beach proposal location

1. A Romantic Proposal at Wohl Rose Garden (Jerusalem)  

Israel is one of the world’s largest producer of roses. The rose has long been a symbol of love and romance, so where better to arrange your proposal than the Wohl Rose Garden in Jerusalem? Bring your loved one here for a romantic stroll before dropping down on one knee.

A walk along the path, past 15,000 rose bushes representing more than 400 varieties, is one of the most romantic ways to celebrate your love. The garden is also set up with secluded benches perfect for an intimate proposal. Hire a musician to serenade you during the proposal, and a photographer to secretly snap photos of you as you stroll through the garden.  

2. Stargazing from Mitzpe Ramon

This is the perfect proposal for an adventurous couple. Head out to the desert, (this alone is an impressive getaway!) and after watching the sun set behind the sand dunes, head over to Mitzpe Ramon for a private night astronomy tour you won’t forget anytime soon. 

Visitors will be instructed on how to find the constellations, identify bright stars, explore celestial marvels and experience the sky’s wonders. The Proposers’ team can arrange to have a star named after the date of your proposal, and for your proposal you will give her a map of the star with the instructions to find that specific star. Once the star has been found you will tell her that star was named after the day you asked her to marry you!  

3. El Mona Garden (Western Galilee)

This is a true hidden gem, and popular for small weddings, which means it’s also perfect for a marriage proposal. El Mona Garden is a privately owned garden that is open to the public in Western Galilee.

The garden boasts a waterfall, fruit trees, countless flowers, mosaic artworks, wooden and stone sculptures and, perhaps most importantly, secluded corners for a romantic rendezvous. Our planner can set up a romantic picnic, decorated with photos of you both with “your” song playing in the background. It will be the most romantic setting for a proposal! Do not miss out on having an engagement shoot in the garden after your partner says yes! 

4. Beit Yannai Beach 

Israel’s shore is not to be overlooked, with hundreds of miles of sandy beaches. Head here for a beach themed proposal with a romantic touch. Israel’s beaches have countless romantic picnic spots, but if you’re looking for a quiet, pristine and romantic stretch of beach, then Beit Yannai is the destination for you! Located just north of Netanya, the Beit Yannai neighbourhood is small, quaint and exclusive.  

Our planner can set up at a secluded spot on the beach, with a picnic basket, blanket and a good bottle of Israeli wine. Watch the sun set and propose whilst being serenaded by the ocean waves.

5. Dead Sea 

No trip to Israel is complete without a trip to the Dead Sea. Dip your toes in the water and take in the mesmerising scenery that surrounds it. The Dead Sea is a popular tourist destination, so finding a secluded part for your proposal might be difficult, but for those happy to have an audience for their proposal, this is a-once-in-lifetime opportunity.  Take a dip in the mineral-packed salty waters, a slathering of therapeutic mud, and then enjoy a relaxing picnic on the beach. Or, if you're brave enough, have the ring floating up to your partner mid-swim and propose in the sea (it might be an idea to use a placeholder ring for this proposal.

6. A Stunning Helicopter Ride

Taking in Israel from the sky is an amazing way to start off your proposal.  

Imagine you and your spouse flying high in the sky, down to the port of Jaffa, and following the coast of Tel Aviv. With the setting sun and the reddish hue colouring over Tel Aviv, you pass over the city sites and enjoy spectacular views of the Western Wall and the Old City. Then fly over the Judean Desert and land on a mountain top with views of the Dead Sea. Here you will bend down on one knee and pop the question. Or for an added surprise fly over the dessert where you spot a huge sign spelling out “Will You Marry Me?” before touching down for the proposal.  

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