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Published on 25th November '16

Breman’s girlfriend Emer loves the Disney film Tangled, so he asked for our help to create a magical fairy tale proposal for her. Luckily, we are huge Tangled fans ourselves and knew just the scene that we wanted to re-create for their proposal, (the part of the film where Rapunzel & Flynn Rider are sitting in the boat watching the Festival of Lights for all you Tangled fans out there!)

In order to re-create this scene we first needed to find a gorgeous location for the proposal to take place. Recently the beautiful French Chateau, Waddesdon Manor, opened up it’s gorgeous Secret Garden and we decided that this was the perfect spot for their magical proposal to happen. We arranged for the couple to have private three course dinner in the exclusive Old Dairy, which overlooks a beautiful lake.After enjoying the meal which was cooked by their own personal chef, the couple took a walk around the grounds and came across a rustic old gate which led them to the Secret Garden. When they opened the gate and entered the garden Emer was shocked to see a trail of lanterns lining the pathway.

As she got further into the garden she noticed that there were even more floating lanterns covering the garden and the trees around her. In the centre of the lanterns was a heart made from fairy lights.

As Breman led Emer towards the heart, a familiar song began to play, it was Eddie Vedder’s ‘Rise’ which is the couples favourite song.

Breman led Emer into the centre of the heart where, surrounded by the beautiful lanterns, he got down on one knee and asked her to marry him.

Emer was completely shocked...

...and of course SAID YES!

But that was not all! The happy couple then proceeded to walk along the candle lit pathway until they reached paved steps which led up to a small hut. The steps had been lined with candles and fairy lights.

At the top of the steps a singer was serenading the couple with another of the couples favourite songs,

As they reached the top of the steps a Butler met them and handed them both a glass of Waddesdon Manor's own champagne which they enjoyed whilst listening to the singer perform and taking in the beautiful decorations surrounding them.

We can never resist a proposal with Disney theme and this one was certainly a proposal to remember!

Breman and Emer were thrilled with their proposal and Breman sent us this lovely message:

Pretty perfect! I am a perfectionist and very hard to please and I got the exact proposal I had wanted with some extra bits added in that made it even better! In the months preceding the proposal Daisy and the team worked so hard to achieve my vision and when it came to the actual day they pulled it off with a problem and my girlfriend had NO idea! I would recommend them to anyone. Thanks so much again guys!

They also took the time to send us this heartfelt post card:

Congratulations Breman and Emer! We wish you a lifetime of happiness!



Take a closer look at their beautiful proposal here:




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