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Published on 6th March '17

Lights, camera, ACTION! Are you ready to see a Love Story for the ages? Yes? You've come to the right place. Here you can see Robert and Ciara's beautiful love story all on the big screen! Robert wanted to create a stunning proposal for his girlfriend Ciara. The couple both live in Scotland but Robert wanted to propose in London so asked for our help.

The couple have recently had a beautiful baby girl and Robert wanted to incorporate her into the proposal so we suggested that we create a Love Story film about their life which they could then watch in a private cinema screening. Robert loved the idea so we arranged for the proposal to take place at the Soho Arts Club. On the day of the proposal Robert told Ciara that they were going to see a film and took her to the Arts Club. At the door to the cinema room he told Ciara that he needed to go to the bathroom and for her to go in alone. Ciara had no idea what Robert really had planned! 

Take a look at the video of their beautiful proposal to see for yourself. Ciara’s reaction is priceless.

Sob Wasn't their proposal so romantic! Congratulations to such a lovely couple. We wish them a lifetime of happiness!

We are the UK and Europe’s leading Romantic Event and Proposal Planners. We have planned over 1,700 marriage proposals all across the world, all with a 100% yes rate! If you have been inspired and would like our help to plan your own personalised proposal, then get in touch at or check out our website for more information Take a closer look at our Proposals to allow us to create that once-in-a-lifetime experience for you and your soon to be finance.


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