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Published on 1st September '20



Exclusively themed rooms at Shangri-La Hotel, At The Shard, London created

by The Proposers


‘Escapism Inspiration’ has been created especially for guests longing to travel, whilst enjoying the comfort and safety of the capital. These themed rooms are part of an exclusive collaboration with one of London’s premier proposal and wedding planners ‘The Proposers’, who will recreate the hotel’s bedrooms and suites into four ‘Escapism Inspiration’ experiences. Each theme is inspired by the idea of dreaming now and traveling later, allowing guests staying at the hotel the opportunity to enjoy the luxury of a London staycation whilst being surrounded by the magic of their dream destination. 


The four ‘Escapism Inspiration’ experiences include:



A Night in Paris

For those longing to see the sparkling City of Light in all her glory, we will recreate one of Paris’ most magnificent experiences with dinner by the Eifel Tower against the backdrop of the twinkling metropolis below. With a gastronomic overture inspired by some of France’s finest, this is an evening set to be truly beyond compare…



Beach Escapism

Ready to make a splash? Created especially for sun seekers and beach bathers alike, ‘Beach Escapism’ brings the sun, sea and sand to you without the need to travel afar. Recreating favourite beach scenes from cocktails in the surf to smooth sunset beats, this beach experience is sure to satisfy even the most discerning sun worshiper. 




Safari Extravaganza 

Lions and tigers and giraffes…up high! For the adventure seeking families longing to take their children into the wilderness, we will whisk you up above the clouds to a sky-high safari like never before. From the comfort of London, we will recreate your room into a fun-filled ‘Safari Extravaganza’ with your children’s favourite friends from the animal kingdom. Accompanied by zebras, elephants, monkeys and more, the thrill of the jungle is just a few floors away





A Night of Romance 

Elevating romance to cloud 9 and beyond as we take romance in London to new heights. ‘A Night of Romance’ is set to be the capital’s ultimate romantic experience with an array of decorations in sultry reds and golds to envelop you and your loved one with a sense of seduction soaring above the skyline.




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