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Published on 17th July '13

When you think of proposals, you probably don't think of bus stops. But when one of our clients contacted us to help him with his proposal he was adamant he wanted a bus stop involved in some way. Why? Because, believe it or not, this is where him and his girlfriend first met! They were complete strangers waiting for a bus home after a night out when they started chatting. In fact, they chatted so much that they missed the bus....and their relationship started as a result. So this is how the proposal went: She loves Peggy Porsham Cupcakes so we sent her off to their academy in the morning so that whilst she was busy baking, we were decorating their stunning flat in Chelsea with bus related props. As she left the academy she was handed a small red London Bus by a complete stranger. When she go to the flat,more London Bus' were handed to her by the concierge and waiting for her in the lift. The scene had certainly been set! As soon as she walked into the front room of the flat she saw her proposal scene. We had filled the corridor with bus related props and, in the middle of the living room was a vintage bus stop and a clock set to the time that they both met. Did she say yes? OF COURSE SHE DID!  

We booked her into a cupcake class at the Peggy Porsham academy (they are the people who make her favourite cupcakes!)

The iconic bus that she missed


3 am was the time that they first met

Vintage bus tickets were designed for the couple and had love notes written by the groom to be himself!

Romantic flowers and rose petals decorated the flat

Bus themed cupcakes

Bus themed fairy lights

The iconic bus!

The ring!!

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