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Published on 6th August '19

Over the years we've planned many marriage proposals and romantic events on the London Eye. From singing and dancing flash mobs, to magicians, acrobats and ballet dancers. There are so many ways to make the London Eye personalised and tailored to you.

That's why we're the official partners of the London Eye - to offer more excited clients that extra special moment whilst overlooking the most beautiful city in the world. With 360 views of Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament, Southbank, St.Paul's Cathedral, Canary Wharf, Tower Bridge and pretty much everything as far as the eye can see.

Why propose on the London Eye

1. It's iconic

The view of London doesn't get much better than the one from the top of the London Eye, and that's why millions of tourists flock to visit it each year.

If you're going to propose at a famous London landmark then the London Eye must be high on your list. Read our best places to propose in London for all of the other most iconic places for your London proposal.

2. You can have your privacy

Hire your own private pod and be away from the crowds. There's nothing worse than thinking about getting down on one knee with 1000's of people watching and ready to take pictures. Get your own pod and have it tailored to you to avoid the crowds and make the London Eye yours.

3. It's romantic

Do we need to say more than.. the view!

There aren't many more romantic views in the capital than being on the London Eye overlooking the whole of London. We can also arrange for there to be singers serenading you as you get down on knee to make for an even more romantic proposal.

4. Make it yours

Imagine personalising a landmark like the London Eye to you. We can decorate your pod with personalised details from your relationship, or with decorations like beautiful fairly lights and candles to take your romantic proposal to the next level.

No matter what the occasion is we can tailor your London Eye experience to be totally unique to you and your partner to make your special moment even more special.

5. The photos will be amazing

If you want us to provide a photographer or videographer for the occasion then just imagine what the photos will look like!

You'll be sharing the photos for years to come, so you want epic photos, and they don't get better than being down on one knee with the epic backdrop of the whole of London behind you. 

London Eye Proposal - How To Do It?

As with all London landmarks, like Tower Bridge and The Shard, a London Eye proposal can be ruined by tourists. Public proposals always come with their limitations and potential drawbacks, especially when you're at a busy London landmark, which is why we always try to make our proposals as private as possible.

We always recommend getting your own private pod, which means it's just you, your partner, our hidden proposal planners and the performers ready to spring the surprise.

Otherwise you could end up with up to 25 people (how many a normal pod holds) all staring and taking photos as you try to say those 4 magical words "Will You Marry Me?". It's already daunting enough, without needing to worry about this too! 

How does a London Eye proposal with a private pod work?

So you might be thinking, that sounds great but how does it all work? Well, we are the official proposal partners of London Eye and have planned 100's of proposals there, so we're going to let you in on our secrets to planning a London Eye proposal.


Before the proposal starts is where most of our magic happens, we'll...

  • Have an initial consultation to brief what you and your partner like and dislike.

  • Go away and create initial ideas for you.

  • Book everything, from singers to the photographer, once an idea is approved.

  • Create a plan for the day for all involved to know what's happening and when.

  • Order or create all of the props for the proposal.

  • Be on hand to answer any questions you have about your proposal.

  • Ensure that the budget is stuck to and everyone gets paid. 

  • Contact London Eye to get permission to bring instrunments, cameras, filming equipment on board. 

On The Day

Our job doesn't stop there though! On the day, we'll..

  • Go to our warehouse to pick up the props for the proposal.

  • Communicate with all parties to make sure everything is running smoothly and on time.

  • Show photos of you both to the front desk beforehand, so that you can get on board. Security is very strict so we'll deal with all of that.

  • Usher the both of you into the "normal queue" with one our planners behind and in front of you, so that your partner doesn't suspect a thing.

  • Get our acting hat on. We'll act as tourists until the pod reaches the top (approx. 15 minutes), so that your partner is none the wiser.

The Proposal

Right before the capsule reaches the top, the hidden musicians will start performing your partners favourite song one by one. Half way through the first song and at the chorus, the planners and singer will all come together to reveal their t-shirts spelling out “Will You Marry Me?".

That's your cue to drop down on one knee, and say those 4 magic words. ⁣⁣It's great to see the look of shock on the unsuspecting "proposees" face as they realise what is happening. 

You then get the rest of the ride to take in the views, celebrate with your partner and capture photos of the moment to remember forever. 


We'll even make sure everything runs smoothly once the proposal has ended. We'll.. 

  • Clean up the pod, and take all of the props with us.

  • Organise to get epic shots of the two of you outside of the London Eye. 

  • Liaise with photographers and videographers post event to get the edited photos to you (1-2 weeks) and edited footage to you (4-6 weeks). If you want a few shots for Instagram and showing family, we'll make sure they come over asap too.

As our slogan says "We do the planning. You pop the question". We know how daunting a proposal is, so we try to make it as easy as possible for you.

Our Favourite London Eye Proposals

Harry and David's Pride Week Proposal

Harry surprised David with a special proposal on the London Eye on Gay Pride week. David had no idea what was about to happen as the musicians started to play his favourite song, as Harry dropped down on one knee.

David's Surprise T-Shirt Proposal

David proposed on the London Eye with a musician & singer playing in the private pod, while we revelaed "Will You Marry Me" on our t shirts. He then dropped down on one knee as the pod reached the top with the amazing 360 views of London in the background.

On Top Of The World - Flashmob Proposal

Marcus wanted to give Vanessa the surprise of a lifetime in an iconic location and asked for our help to make it happen. Watch the video below to see Vanessa's reaction with this amazing flashmob proposal on The London Eye.

How much does a London Eye proposal cost?

A London Eye private pod proposal starts at £2,000 + VAT. 

This will get you everything you need, and will include - 

  • Private capsule on the London Eye

  • Two professional singers to sing two songs (of your choice)

  • A professional musician to perform the songs 

  • T-shirts (or signs) with ‘Will You Marry Me?’ to be worn and revealed by the performers and our planners

  • Professional photographer to capture the moment

  • Your very own expert proposal planner to deal with everything from start to finish

  • Co-ordination of the event on the day to make sure it all goes smoothly

The London Eye doesn't have all of the same decoration capabilities as Tower Bridge or The Shard, due to security and time, but we can still customise your pod to you as much as possible. 

Take a look at the compilation of some of our best proposals in partnership with The London Eye below.

Let us plan your London Eye Proposal

We've planned over 1,700 proposals, with 100's of proposals on the London Eye alone, and can take all of the stress away so that all you have to do is go down on one knee. As the London Eye's official proposal partners, you know that you're in safe hands. We are very proud to say that we have a 100% YES rate too!

If you have been inpsired to propose on the London Eye, you can see our London Eye Proposal Packages  or you can contact us here  for a free consultation to discuss a custom proposal plan.

In light of recent events surrounding the Coronavirus, we're still open for business. We can still help you to plan your proposal from home via virtual consultations NOW so that all you have to do is set a date when we're back to normal. Contact our team to find out more about how we can help plan your proposal.


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