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Published on 23rd March '15

Mete booked a surprise romantic trip to Rome over Valentine's Day weekend for his beautiful girlfriend Bercis,

And he came to The Proposers for help in popping the question!

We came up with the perfect plan and with two days to plan we managed to pull it all off the most romantic proposal in Rome for Mete & Bercis' weekend away...complete with traditional and famous Rome singers!

We arranged for a beautiful horse drawn carriage to collect the couple from their hotel and take them through the city of Rome passing all the most romantic sites...including the Trevi fountain and the Pantheon.

They were dropped off at the Temple of Diana....which little did she know was the proposal spot!!!!

As they got out of the horse and carriage we arranged for Bercis to be handed a red rose by a "stranger" - who is actually one of our amazing singers

Temple of beautiful is this proposal spot!

Mete & Bercis as they get out of the horse and carriage

One of our Italian musicians hiding as the couple approaches...

Bercis being handed a rose

As the couple walked up to the Temple our singers sprung into action and began serenading Bercis & Mete with their favourite song..."All of m" by John Legend.

An authentic Italian band!

Private spot in the heart of Rome!

And Mete's cue to get the ring out of his pocket...

...and down on one knee!

And of course she said yes!!

Admiring the ring!

The happy couple with our amazing Italian musicians & singer

The incredible view over Rome from the proposal

You can watch the whole thing on video here!!

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