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Published on 2nd May '17

Patrick is originally from America, and when he moved to Hong Kong he met and fell in love with Junella so he wanted to include Hong Kong in his proposal in some way. We discovered a beautiful island just off Hong Kong and arranged for Patrick and Junella to go and visit the island on a luxury private yacht. When they arrived at the island the couple went for a walk to the top of the hill which has views that show off the Hong Kong's skyline. Once at the spot our undercover photographer captured the big moment!

Whilst the proposal was going on, Junella had no idea that we were busy creating another surprise for her back at the yacht!

We snuck onto the yacht and beautifully decorated it with gorgeous flowers. We also hired a professional chef to prepare the couple a delicious, quirky three-course meal!

Junella was delighted when she got back onto the yacht and found that it had been transformed, and the couple spent the rest of the evening luxuriously celebrating.

Congratulations Patrick and Junella! We loved helping with their wonderful proposal and wish them all the best for their future life together!

Patrick loved what we created for him so much that he asked us to help him plan another romantic surprise for Junella, this time in London! We created an EPIC re-creation of McFly's 'Love is Easy' music video and even got a member of the band involved! You can read all about it here or take a look at the video below.

If you have been inspired by Patrick's proposal and would like help planning your own proposal in Hong Kong. let us know at, or visit to learn more about what we do. We are the UK and Europe's leading marriage proposal planners who have planned over 1700 proposals with an 100% YES success rate so you are in safe hands with us!  


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