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Published on 24th April '18

Nikhil came to our expert Proposal Planners for their help to plan his dream proposal in Bruges! He was planning to take his gorgeous girlfriend, Khushbu to Bruges during the Easter weekend for a lovely treat... little did she know that her life would completely change on this holiday!

We hired an utterly elegant & luxurious private room in the Hotel Die Swaene which we completely transformed for Nikhil & Khushbu! The room had a rose petal & candle lit lined walkway leading up to the main proposal spot.


So Khushbu didn't expect a thing, Nikhil told her that they were going to a wine tasting event in the hotel (such a great excuse!)... and the excuse worked!

As our happy couple walked into the room, Khushbu's face completely lit up to see a beautifully transformed room.


She shortly after realised this was all for her when she read a note placed on top of a canvas which said 'Khushbu Open Me'... Intrigued she opened the first canvas... To then reveal a collage of her favourite memories from her relationship.

The next canvas was also another memorable collage however what was the final canvas...

As Khushbu carefully teared away the red wrapping paper she revealed the words 'Khushbu, Will You Marry Me?'.

Nikhil confessed his love and got down onto one knee and asked the important question...


Our happy couple celebrated together with a bottle of champagne and enjoyed their favourite romantic music together as a newly engaged couple!

That surely was a trip that Khushbu would never forget.

Congratulations to our lovely couple, it was a pleasure to plan your most important moment!

How lovely is this message that Nikhil left us after his successful proposal!!

We are the UK & Europe’s leading Romantic Event and Proposal Planners. We have planned over 1,700 marriage proposals, all with a 100% success rate, so you will be in safe hands with us. If you have been inspired by this Proposal in Bruges and would like our help to plan your own proposal, then get in touch on or check out our website for more information


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