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Published on 19th July '17

While visiting London all the way from Brazil, Renato wanted to pop the question to his beautiful girlfriend, Isabela. He said that the proposal spot must be in a private, stunning historic venue and he wanted it to be extremely intimate, whilst showing how much he loved his girlfriend.

We knew the perfect place... The Asylum is a derelict old chapel over 190 years old! With the most incredible architecture inside. This proposal was sure to be extra special!

We decided to create a secret cinema of romantic movies for Isabela to watch, with the final screening saying 'Will You Marry Me', written in Brazilian. Renato told us that Isabela loved the colour purple, so we decorated the room with purple everything! From pillows, flowers, thousands of rose petals, candle lights and lanterns.


To add that extra special touch, we created personalised popcorn boxes for the happy couple to enjoy a sweet treat after the proposal! As Isabela arrived, she was in complete surprise to see a romantically decorated area (she thought she was going to the secret cinema), Ha.. little did she know... She began to watch the personalised romantic movie clips... Meanwhile, Renato was hiding outside, ready to surprise her!

As he walked in, the words 'Casa Comigo?' appeared on the screen!

Renato got on one knee and proposed to his beautiful girlfriend!

and of course SHE SAID YES!!

Look how stunning that ring is!

The newly engaged couple then enjoyed a romantic movie with picnic food, popcorn and Champagne, whilst they celebrated their engagement.

Congratulations to Renato & Isabela!

Check out the full proposal video here...

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