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Published on 22nd May '17


Have you ever wondered what it was like to propose at The Ritz?

With so many beautiful proposals being held at the iconic location, we are now introducing our partnership with the most prestigious hotel in London.

The classic hotel has been around for over 100 years, creating beautiful memories with their stunning, original interiors and luxurious features. Visiting The Ritz, is like stepping back in time, nothing has changed, and the service is as impeccable as ever. This is why we think, it is the perfect place for a sophisticated marriage proposal. With all the charm as if you were royalty.

 Our partnership with The Ritz London will be the perfect opportunity to 'pop the question'! We will take all of the stress off your hands, which will allow you to relax on the all-important day. The Ritz now offer two different proposal services for you to choose from.

The Ritz Classic Proposal Service includes:

  • Two-hour use of the private dining room

  • Your own personalised sound track

  • A bottle of Barons de Rothschild Champagne

  • A selection of Ritz canapés

  • A private consultation at Ritz Fine Jewellery

For a total of £1,000

If you're looking for that extra personalised touch then look no further, The Ritz have introduced our proposal service.

The Bespoke Proposal Service:

This service, handcrafted by us, is for those with a creative, unique and personalised touch to their proposal! We help to tailor your proposal, to make sure that everything is about you and your partner, because no proposal should ever be the same!

Exclusive Interview

We had the privilege to interview the Head of Events at The Ritz, Sarah Tregoning, who answered the questions everybody wants to know about proposing at The Ritz!

Why do you think that The Ritz is so popular for marriage proposals?

Since its opening in 1906, The Ritz London has been known for luxury, elegance and service. Our guests want to create a lasting memory that will forever be engraved in their partner’s mind, there is no other setting more fitting for such a memorable and special occasion How many people would you say have proposed in The Ritz? The Ritz London has been inspiring romance and setting the stage for the ultimate proposals that can only end with “I do” since opening its doors in 1906. What is the most romantic proposal that you have seen in The Ritz? The most romantic proposal I have seen at The Ritz was a candlelit dinner for two in our Marie Antoinette Suite. This beautiful private dining room is decorated in resplendent Louis XVI style and is based on a salon in the Palace of Versailles. Prior to arriving at The Ritz for the proposal, the bride-to- be had been led on a treasure hunt around the city reminding her of all of the special and meaningful places the couple had spent time getting to know each other. Upon opening the final clue they entered the stunning Marie Antoinette Suite where the ring was pre-set on the table. Have you had any person of note propose at The Ritz? We have a very high profile of Clientele at The Ritz who come to celebrate many special occasions with us due to discretion. Why did you decide to create a new proposal package? The history and elegance of The Ritz conjures up visions of fairytale romance, enchanting rendezvous and timeless love, making it the most perfect venue for marriage proposals. We wanted to provide guests with support and guidance from our specialist Event Planners in ensuring the day is magical from start to finish. Why did you choose The Proposers to be your recommended suppliers? We chose The Proposers to be our recommended supplier for marriage proposals as their dedication to making couples happy by planning bespoke, creative and tailored marriage proposals reflects the ethos of The Ritz. We feel they make the perfect partner to take care of our guests in ensuring their every needs are met during this landmark life event.  

Get in touch with us, if you want the most magical proposal and unforgettable memories at


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