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Published on 30th November '16

Johnathan asked us to help him plan the most amazing proposal for his girlfriend Sarina. The couple were on holiday from America so that they could see the beautiful sights of London, and Jonathan wanted to propose in a location that the couple would remember forever. We knew just the place; the iconic St Paul's Cathedral! Jonathan wanted to show Sarina how much he cared about her, so we suggested that we could arrange for Sarina to receive personalised gifts on her way up to the top of the Cathedral. Jonathan loved the idea so on the day of the proposal we organised for Sarina to come across her first gift on the steps outside of St Paul's Cathedral. Take a look at what happened during their wonderful proposal:

Sarina spotted beautifully wrapped gift for her on the steps of St Paul's. Inside was a very special gift...

As he opened the box a personalised balloon filled with heart shaped confetti came floating gently out. It had the message "Look up, because something exciting awaits. Go inside and through the gates. But you will need to climb, climb, climb to see what marinates. (It'll be worth every step.) written on the tail, and "Your adventure awaits" written on the side.

Jonathan then led Sarina towards the steps to the Dome of the Cathedral where she saw this sign...

During the journey to the top of the Cathedral Sarina received even more gifts. These included an ornament of St Paul's to have as a keepsake of the day they got engaged, a Pug hat to keep her warm, and to represent her favourite animal, and a photo frame of London to put the photograph of their special memory into.

Each gift had a personalised message from Johnathan attached!

We also made sure to keep the couple well hydrated during their journey up to the top (there are a lot of steps!)

As the couple reached the top of St Paul's they came across a sign saying 'Marry Me'

With the beautiful views over London surrounding them Johnathan got down on one knee and asked Sarina to marry him...

And SHE SAID YES! Johnathan was such a lovely client to work with and we wish him and Sarina every happiness in their future lives together! Johnathan was thrilled with the proposal and sent us this lovely message: "Thank you guys again SO MUCH!!! Everything worked out so perfectly, and it was a great sign when the sun came out like it did when were up on top. You guys are THE BEST!!! ;-)"

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