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Published on 20th March '20

man proposing to woman at home

For couples that prefer low-key moments over public displays of affections, proposing at home is an ideal way to start the next phase of your life together.

While some might think an at home proposal sounds boring, there are numerous ways to make this monumental milestone special even at home! Here are proposal ideas at home from our expert proposal planners.

Proposal Ideas At Home

At home proposal decoration

1. Breakfast in Bed

You can make your loved one feel adored by serving them a delicious breakfast in bed. Treat them to their favourite breakfast foods and place the engagement ring in the centre of the tray. If your partner is a deep sleeper, you might even be able to slip the engagement ring on their hand while they sleep.

When they pick up their toast, they'll be shocked to find a dazzling engagement ring on their finger.

2. Recreate a Favourite or Dream Holiday Destination

If your partner has a special destination that they've always dreaming of visiting, decorate your space to reflect the aesthetic of that distinctive place. Top it off by cooking or ordering-in food from the prevalent culture of that locale and playing music common to the area.

If you really want to wow, you can gift your future fiancé ticket vouchers for said destination after the proposal— these can even be hand made for a more personalised touched.

Decoration for a proposal at home - hot air balloons

3. Play a Game

If you and your partner enjoy playing games together, you can use this as the perfect opportunity for proposing at home. One option is to play a trivia game together. When it's your turn to ask the question, you simply ask "Will You Marry Me?" instead. Remember to have the engagement ring nearby so you can complete the moment perfectly.

If trivia games aren't your thing, then you can have a bespoke jigsaw puzzle made with a photo of you with the ring on one knee or simply have the question written out. Your partner will put the puzzle together piece by piece to see the all important question take shape.

4. Build a Backyard Wonderland with a “Marry Me?” Sign

Set up your proposal at home in your backyard by laying out blankets, pillows and cushions, set the mood with battery-powered candles, fairy lights and a platter of other opulent goodies, finishing off with celebratory drinks. If you have a safe place for a fire, light it up and have your partner's favourite music playing in the background.

Now for the sign. Go all out by spelling Marry Me? in fairy lights against an easily-visible surface, or go the extra mile by decorating the space with light up letters spelling out the magic words, so she or he will see it as soon as they walk outside.

Backyard proposal with Marry Me letters

5. Have a Taco Night 

If you and your partner have a fond place in your heart for Mexican culture, then use this as the perfect cover up for your proposal at home and treat your significant other to a taco night. But this will be a taco night like none other because you’re also going to buy a piñata!

Fill the piñata of your choosing with your partner’s favourite sweets, and of course the ring box! After you polish off your tacos, bust open that piñata and celebrate the “Si!” with a classic Mexican dessert such as churros! 

6. Romantic Treasure Hunt

A treasure hunt can be a thrilling and romantic way for proposing at home. To start, leave a clue somewhere obvious for your partner to find. For example, you might leave a note by the coffee pot that tells them to go into the living room where they will find another clue, leading them on a journey around the house.

Make the clues personal and lead your partner to objects that have a specific meaning to your relationship. You can also incorporate romantic elements like flowers or a box of chocolates. The final clue should lead to you, down on one knee with the engagement ring in hand. (Remember to dress up for the occasion and have the champagne on ice!)

Present for a proposal surprise

7.Follow the Ribbon

Tie a red velvet ribbon from one spot in your home to another. Attach little notes recalling the best moments in your relationship along the way.

Wait for your partner at the end of the ribbon with the ring in hand ready to propose. For a more romantic touch, make a trail candles leading the way through the house.

8. Wine Tasting 

The perfect proposal at home for a wine loving couple. Bring your partner on an exciting evening of wine tasting with four wines personalised to your relationship, from wines from the year you met to wines from the countries you have visited together.

Once your partner unwraps the bottles, they will reveal the words "Will You Marry Me?"

luxury wine tasting proposal

9. Home Cinema

Snuggle up in your own personally decorated home cinema, and settle down with popcorn ready to watch a movie chosen by you. They won't be able to resist shedding a tear as the movie is revealed to be about you and your time together, and they realise you are proposing at home.

Drop down on one knee as the movie reveals the words "will you marry me", or propose as you appear in the movie saying your proposal speech. 

10. Recreate your partner's favourite movie

We love a movie themed proposal, and one of our favourite ways is to decorate a room in your house in the style of your partner's favourite movie. Whether you want to decorate your house with "props" from romantic movies like Pretty Woman or Notting Hill, or they're a huge Harry Potter fan and you recreate your very own at home Hogwarts. 

harry potter proposal ideas by the proposers

11. Love Poem or Story

If you are one of the literary couples, this idea would suit you very well. Create a poem, short story or children's book ending with you asking the big question. Not a writer? Not to worry. Hollow an old book, put the ring inside, and ask her to read a specific page from the book. Imagine her surprise when she finds out!

Proposing At Home - What Else To Think About

1) Excite all the senses

Set the mood with music, light scented candles and prepare your partners favourite drink and snacks. Anything you can think of to make the situation extra special. 

2) Plan an after party!

An engagement is a reason to celebrate – properly. Plan a party with friends and family to celebrate this joyous occasion. It doesn’t have to be right away but when the time is right! 

3) Make sure your house is clean and tidy

Need we say more! No one wants a marriage proposal to happen next to old pizza boxes or dirty laundry baskets. 

4) Test your camera

If you are capturing the proposal yourself, be sure to test your camera angles prior to the big moment. No one wants to watch a video with your heads cut off.

man proposing to woman at home

Let us plan your Proposal At Home

We've planned over 1,700 marriage proposals, and have a 100% YES success rate!

Want to propose at home or have another proposal idea in mind? Take a look at our at home packages or contact us now to speak with one of our expert proposal planners.

In light of recent events surrounding the Coronavirus, we're still open for business. We can still help you to plan your proposal from home via virtual consultations NOW so that all you have to do is set a date when we're back to normal. Contact our team to find out more about how we can help plan your proposal.


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