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Published on 14th October '15

When you've been married for 33 years and want to re-propose to your wife, you have to do something pretty spectacular and thats exactly what Rowel did for his wife, Ruth! Rowel came to us because he wanted to celebrate the amazing journey that he and Ruth had been on together over the last 33 years. He wanted to give Ruth the unique, romantic proposal that she deserved and we decided that the beautiful Goodwood Estate would be the perfect location to give her that!

Rowel is a Ferarri enthusiast with a collection of his own so Ruth completely believed it when an invitation to a glamorous cocktail Ferrari event held at the Goodwood Estate arrived in the post. To add to the excitement of the day, when the Earl of Goodwood heard about the proposal idea he loved it so much that he even offered to have his Chauffeur drive them to and from the Estate in his Rolls Royce! As they arrived we asked the lovely couple to turn around and look at the house so that they could have a photograph in front of it. Little did Ruth know that as they did this, a personalised slideshow was being projected onto the wall of the wing behind them. As the projection played, two singers from West End Musicals, beautifully sang Elton Johns, 'Can you feel the love tonight?'

The projection showed the last 33 years of the couple's married life as well as all the reasons why Rowel loves Ruth. So sweet!

Rowel had told us that when they are on holiday he and Ruth always play scrabble together so we thought that it would be a lovely personal touch to add that into the projection. At the end of the film we spelt out that Ruth should turn around using a scrabble board. 

As Ruth turned around the words, 'Marry Me', were written romantically in fire.

Ruth was incredibly shocked and excited because Rowel then turned to her and proposed with a diamond that had once belonged to his mother, and which he had adapted into a ring with the help of our partner jeweller. As Ruth said 'Yes', a wonderful private firework display began which made the whole event seem even more magical.

Rowel and Ruth then went into the house where they were met by the Earl's own personal Butler and Maid. There was a beautiful table set up near an open fire where Ruth could find her favourite, specially sourced orange peel chocolates, some gorgeous flowers and poem that Rowel had written especially for Ruth!

Whilst sipping champagne and eating delicious canapes Ruth admired her new ring and reflected on the amazing night she'd just had.

The night finished the way it had started, with a VIP ride in the Earl's Rolls. It was such a lovely evening and we loved hearing back from Rowel who said, 'We're still on cloud nine. Ruth is delighted and extremely impressed. It was all for her and it was a truly incredible night!'

Congratulations Rowel and Ruth. You're such a delightful couple.

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