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Published on 14th July '15

It's that time again ... THROWBACK THURSDAY! Fahad came to us and told us he wanted to propose to his partner Zulfa in a way that was personal to her, and showing her how much she meant to him. Â Fahad had come to the right place... we knew exactly what to do.

Fahad and Zulfa. We, The Proposers hired Fulham Castle for this intimate moment. When the couple reached the front entrance, they are greeted by The Proposers ('tour guides for Fulham Castle'.) Fahad excused himself to 'go to the toilet', he actually met another member of our Proposers team and changed into a tux. 

Through this door is where the magic happened.

Love notes written by Fahad to Zulfa.       Whilst waiting with Zulfa, The Proposers handed her an envelope - her reaction was priceless. The letter inside instructed Zulfa to follow the signs all around the garden. Each sign had a gorgeous hand written love note from Fahad to Zulfa. They led her around the garden and into a stately home. We, The Proposers decorated this room full with 3 centre piece balloons, Zulfa had to pop the balloons in order to find a note. The final balloon contained a note stating 'I have a question to ask...'. As if by magic Fahad appears in his dapper tux, got down on one knee and asked the question he had been waiting to ask. Zulfa couldn't have been more surprised and we couldn't be happier, what an amazing moment.

Pop the balloons to open the secret. Fahad told us after the proposal "Everything went perfectly. Zulfa was left speechless by the entire proposal. Thank you guys so so so much for helping plan and execute an amazing proposal."

Our Proposal planners and team capturing this magical moment.


The Proposers.

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