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Published on 7th July '18

We are so excited for the Pride celebration in London this weekend! Did you know that the UK is rated by ILGA-Europe as one of the top in LGBTQ+ equality out of all the European countries? How amazing is that?! We here at The Proposers are proud to say that we plan marriage proposals for every sexual orientation and we partner with companies that do the same!

We just moved offices to Soho (exciting) and combined offices with our favourite luxury wedding show curator, Bridelux. In the spirit of support for the LGBTQ+ community, Bridelux is announcing Pridelux Atelier, which will be an incredible luxury wedding show for same-sex couples in March 2019! That gives you plenty of time to plan your proposal with us and bring your special someone to the new wedding show at the Shangri-La in The Shard!

Let’s reminisce on some of our beautiful same-sex proposals we’ve planned in the past and give you the inspiration to 'pop the question'…

Harm & Janco

These two lovebirds met in the skies, working for the airlines. Harm wanted to really wow Janco by proposing in a famous London landmark, Tower Bridge! We decorated the glass walkway with romantic décor and personlised surprises that held photographs representing the couples’ most cherished memories. A musician serenaded the couple as Harm got down on one knee. Then... (

we love this bit) Janco said YES!

Kat & Carmel

Kat wanted to tie the knot with Carmel, so the t

wo set sail on a private canal tour. The couple relaxed and sipped champagne as the boat came across the amazing surprise…a massive banner hanging from a bridge ahead that said “Carmel Will You Marry Me?”

Kat proposed with a gorgeous diamond ring and Carmel said YES!

Steven & Graeme

Steven’s idea of the perfect proposal was in a romantic garden setting, so we chose the stunning Pergola at Hampstead Heath. As the couple walked through the gardens, they passed polaroid’s documenting moments of the couples’ relationship. They came upon a secret doorway that led to a romantic table for two; their waitress doubled as a disguised singer from West End theatre district. Steven and Graeme enjoyed a chocolate tarte that replicated a dessert they had on their first date whilst listening to the beautiful voice of the singer. The singing waitress brought one more surprise.. the Tiffany’s ring on a mossy silver platter! After the amazing proposal, Steven led Graeme to where their friends and family were waiting to congratulate them. Everyone celebrated with champagne because, of course, he said YES!!

The Proposers firmly believe LOVE IS LOVE! We would be elated to help you create the perfect proposal, so if you’ve been motivated by these proposals or have another idea you would like to expand on, contact us at or take a further look on our website for more information! #pridematters #proposewithpride #lovewins

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