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Published on 15th February '21

Proposing to your partner is a huge deal, in fact, it might just be the biggest decision you make in your life…no pressure!

Firstly, we just want to make sure you know that it’s totally normal to feel nervous and worry about how the moment will pan out.

We’ve put together a list of do’s and don’ts when it comes to popping the question that we hope will fill you with confidence and help you nail that magical moment!




Those thoughtful touches will make the world of difference when it comes to wowing your loved one. Take some time to reflect on your love story to ensure the moment is personal to you, your partner and your relationship. Does she have a favourite colour? Can you include your favorite couple pictures? Do you have a shared passion you can include? Do you have a favorite love song together? Could you recreate your first date or how you met? Think about what is meaningful to you both and include it.


You might feel a little crazy but trust us when we say practice what you want to say. Preparation really is key here, when the time comes to drop down on one knee you're likely to be caught up in the moment so to ensure that doesn't stop you from saying something with true meaning, have something practiced and prepared. This will also help with the nerves as you'll feel much more confident that you're going to say exactly what you hoped to your loved one. 


Talk About Marriage

This may seem like an obvious one but ensure you are both on the same page. You should have discussed marriage before and know you are both ready when is comes to taking that big step and committing to each other.

Talk To The Parents 

Call us old fashioned but speaking with your partners parents before you ask for their hand in marriage is a gesture that goes a long way. Involving your partners parents is a great way to show your respect to your soon-to-be in laws and it's something that your partner is quite likely going to really appreciate forever.


Consider Your Partners Personality

It goes without saying that different people are going to love different types of proposals. Ensure that the way you have planned to pop the question is going to be to your partners liking. If your partner is super shy and you've planned a flashmob proposal in public maybe you should have a rethink!

Get A Proposal Planner

Contact a proposal planner. Extra stress is the last thing you need when proposing. Having a proposal planner allows you to create an unforgettable proposal that you're partner is going to remember forever without that added pressure. A proposal planner can take your brief and bring it to life for you whilst you focus on practicing your lines and being in the moment with your loved one. We may be bias but we highly recommend you get in touch with The Proposers. We are the best proposal company in the business and have years of experience, not to mention our 100% YES success rate so you'll be in safe hands. Contact us here.

Carefully Pick Your Ring

It's important to choose the ring carefully. Consider what your partner likes and dislikes. What is their style like? It's also important (if possible) to find out if they want to choose it themselves or if they want you to choose from them.They may have already told you this but if not maybe you could get a friend to drop it into conversation to find out.

If you are able to, we recommend you invest in the ring too. It's a once in a lifetime piece of jewelry and a very sentimental one at that. 77 Diamonds have a great range of rings and can create bespoke peices too.

Consider The Weather

This one particularly applies if you are planning to propose in England. The weather is rather unpredictable and can be a make or break component if you plan to propose outdoors. Figuring out what the weather is due to be like will help you choose your location and also prompt you to have a back up plan or something in place incase you don't quite get lovely sunny and dry day you'd hoped for.

Capture The Moment

It's a big moment, you're going to want to get it on film or at least have some lovely pictures to remember it by. Getting a videographer or photographer is something we really recommend you invest in. We've got some seriously talented contacts here at The Proposers who will be sure to do an amazing job at capturing your special moment.


Get Down On One Bent Knee

Again, it may seen obvious to some but make sure you get down on one knee. Not only will this look great for the video and pictures but its traditional. You're only going to do this once in your life so why not do it properly!

Think Before Posting Online

Wether you are face timing your parents moments after the engagement or you plan to wait a couple of days remember to tell your nearest and dearest about the good news ensure that you do so before posting on social media and telling the rest of the world. It can seem like second nature to capture and share the good news on social media but we think sharing with your loved ones should come first.



Propose Without A Ring

Be prepared! You want your partner to understand the effort and thought that has gone into this big moment so don't do it until you've secured the ring! If you propose without a ring it may not feel as special and your partner might feel as though its a spontaneous decision you are making which is not good. Spontaneity is great but not when it comes to a marriage proposal!


Be Last Minute

Of course, we can help you pull off a wonderful last minute proposal however, we can't stress enough, the more time the better! More time means more thought and details which are two vital details to an unforgettable proposal.

Tell Everyone You Know Before

If you want it to be a surprise, keep it to yourself. If you must, then only tell a few people but the fewer people you tell the better. This will ensure the secret wont slip  and the proposal is a complete surprise for your other half.

Propose at a sports game 

This is a big fat NO from us! It's loud, busy with fans and rather unromantic.


Hide The Ring In Food

It may seem like a great idea at the time but in reality its just a hazard waiting to happen. Please don't do it!


Ask In Front Of Family and Friends

The nerves and pressure before proposing is often underestimated. Inviting friends and family can add to this pressure and make it even more nerve wracking. Of course, it totally depends on the individuals and the type of proposal you have planned but on the whole, we'd advice that inviting them after to celebrate is a much safer bet.

Propose Too Early

There truly is no rush. Enjoy your relationship and take it slowly. You will know when the time is right so don't rush your decision. You must be 100% sure you are ready to commit. Give yourself lots of time to think it through and once you're sure give yourself some more time to think about how you are going to make it something you'll both love and remember forever.



Don't stress yourself out with something too overcomplicated. Love should be simple, so your marriage proposal should be too. Adding too many variables is likely to overwhelm you as there is more room for error. This is not what you need on the day you ask your partner to spend the rest of their life with you! Note that this doesn't mean don't be extravagant, we love an extravagant proposal! Just keep the key details clear and simple.

We hope this has helped you feel a little more at ease on what to do and what not to do when asking that all important question. We are confident that if you follow these points you can't go too far wrong. And finally, good luck!

If you're in need of any further advice or help on planning your marriage proposal we woud absolutely love to help you create something magical. Follow @theproposers on Instagram for inspiration or click here to contact us


Let us plan your proposal

We've planned over 2,500 marriage proposals with a 100% YES rate.

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