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Published on 18th September '23

Proposal company based in London to help plan your marriage proposal

Imagine standing in the heart of London, enveloped by its glittering lights and iconic landmarks, ready to take the most significant step in your life-the proposal. If you've been picturing a truly unforgettable moment, the proposal company The Proposers specialises in crafting the perfect proposal packages at some of London's most renowned locations, tailored to suit any budget.

Whether you dream of a romantic experience at Tower Bridge, a fairy-tale setting at The Ritz, or another enchanting spot, we're here to turn your proposal dreams into reality.

Tower Bridge proposal package

Tower Bridge stands as a testament to history and grandeur, and few realise that you can reserve the entire walkway connecting both towers for your proposal. As Tower Bridge's official proposal partners, we're thrilled to offer you an exclusive experience suspended 137 feet above the river Thames.

Imagine a private hire of the Tower Bridge walkway adorned with your choice of colour themes-pink, white, red, or purple-setting the perfect mood. Delicate rose petals, beautiful faux floral arrangements, candles, fairy lights and tealights create an enchanting ambience. An easel displaying personalised artwork or photos adds a sentimental touch.

Background music, carefully selected by you, fills the air. A bottle of champagne or a non-alcoholic alternative awaits your celebratory toast. A professional photographer captures every emotional moment, and an expert romance planner from our proposal company ensures that every detail of your big day is executed flawlessly.

The Ritz proposal package

For those who dream of proposing at one of the world's most prestigious hotels, The Ritz offers an opulent setting fit for a fairy-tale proposal. Amidst the grandeur, you'll have the opportunity to create a magical moment that will leave both you and your partner in awe.

Imagine a private space, with your choice of one of the event rooms or the secret garden, adorned with candles, fairy lights, tealights, and your preferred petal colour and faux floral arrangements.Large, life-size "Marry Me" light-up letters and whimsical balloons add an extra touch. A professional photographer captures your proposal in all its splendour, and a dedicated romance planner from our proposal company ensures that every aspect of your special day is meticulously organised.

Just like our Tower Bridge package, our Ritz proposal package offers the option to customise and add extra personal touches, making your proposal uniquely yours. Contact us for more details.

An unforgettable proposal

London, with its iconic landmarks and rich history, provides the perfect backdrop for an unforgettableproposal. Our proposal packages at Tower Bridge and The Ritz offer you the chance to create memories that will last a lifetime. Whether you're seeking a grand, historic setting or a lavish, fairy-tale atmosphere, we're here to help you plan and execute the perfect proposal. 

Want help planning your memorable proposal?

We are the world's premier marriage proposal planning company, specializing in creating unforgettable personalized proposal experiences worldwide. With over 10 years of experience, 5,000 proposals to date and a 100% YES rate!

Reach out here  to discuss your dream proposal so together we can makeyour London proposal a moment you'll cherish forever. 

We do the planning. You pop the question!


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