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Published on 14th February '18

Ovie contacted us to plan his dream marriage proposal for his beautiful girlfriend, Keeley! The planning process began by finding out a little more about our happy couple so we could tailor the proposal to their relationship, our Proposal Planners then were able to come up with various creative ideas for our groom-to-be.

One element that we picked up on was that Keeley absolutely loves the film Pretty Woman! So we decided to theme her marriage proposal around her favourite film!

The day full of excitement started early for Keeley when she came across one beautiful long stemmed red rose laying on the bed, with a note instructing her to get all glammed up for the evening.. Followed by the first rose, came the second... this time the note said 'I have a special surprise for you, a limo will be here to pick you up', this quote was from her favourite film, Pretty Woman! But did the rose's & quotes begin to add up yet for Keeley?

As our happy couple got into their car, Keeley received the third long stemmed red rose and personalised note, but how many more was our beautiful bride-to-be going to receive!

Ovie & Keeley then arrived at The Shangri-la Hotel in The Shard, where they were greeted by our undercover Proposal Planner, who handed Keeley the fourth rose & calligraphy written message from Ovie! Our planner directed the couple upstairs to the secret proposal spot. 'Coincidentally' Ovie excused himself to the bathrooms and explained how he would meet Keeley at the 'table'...


On the route to their 'table' Keeley was handed her fifth rose by a passer by, with another romantic note attached... shortly after came her sixth rose! They must be adding up now to our bride-to-be?


Keeley entered into the exclusive private dining room, to be completely surprised by the most beautiful pink rose petal walkway with all of her happy memories on the glass window and stunning set up in the room!

At the end of the pathway was a Pretty Woman themed canvas with the quote on 'I want the fairytale' - Vivian, and placed above the canvas was the final seventh rose with a note attached... The note said 'I have a question to ask you'...

The roses finally added up... We had organised for Keeley to receive 7 beautiful, long stemmed red roses throughout the day, each rose representing a year within their relationship!

Ovie then entered into the room and got down onto one knee and said those 4 all-important words 'Will you marry me'?

And of course Keeley said yes!!

WOW... look at her ring!

Our newly engaged couple then enjoyed a private 3 course meal overlooking the stunning views from their exclusive dining room.

Congratulations to our happy couple.

We are the UK & Europe’s leading Romantic Event and Proposal Planners. Within 6 years we have planned over 1,700 marriage proposals, all with a 100% success rate, you will be in safe hands with us. If you have been inspired by this Pretty Proposal Proposal and you would like our help to plan your own proposal, then get in touch on or check out our website for more information


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