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Published on 15th September '16

Jon came to us because he wanted help proposing to his girlfriend Marianne. As Marianne is from Scotland he thought this would be the perfect place to pop the question. After researching different romantic locations around Edinburgh, we came across the stunning Portobello Beach. We knew that its beauty would make it the ideal spot for Jon to propose, and when we suggested it to him he loved it!

Whilst Jon took Marianne for dinner at The Witchery by the Castle, (which has been dubbed the ultimate romantic hideaway by The Guardian), we were busy decorating a quiet spot along the beach.

A little way along the beach they came across a red carpet that had been laid out on the promenade. The carpet was surrounded by beautiful fairy lights and candles and had a beautiful view of the sea in front of them.

At the end of the red carpet Marianne saw a wrapped canvas on top of an easel. As they walked up to it she noticed a tag saying “Open Me Marianne.”Shocked that it was all for her she slowly began to unwrap the canvas, and it and saw the words beneath the wrapping.

“Will You Marry Me Marianne?”

As she spun around in excitement, Jon was already down on one knee waiting with the ring in his hand. He asked her to be his wife, and


Congratulations to the lovely couple! We wish them a lifetime of happiness!

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