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Published on 2nd August '16

When Jason approached us for help planning his proposal for his beautiful girlfriend Elyse we couldn’t wait to help! He told us that he wanted a proposal that was sweet and simple, but also lavish and romantic at the same time. He also wanted a great view of London, and where better than the iconic Shard building to achieve just that!

After learning more about the couple we found out that Elyse loves penguins to the point that one of Jason’s nicknames for Elyse is actually Penguin, so we knew that penguins had to be incorporated into the proposal in some way. To ensure that we could include the element of surprise into the proposal we hired a gorgeous room in the Shangri-La for Jason and Elyse to stay in. After checking into the hotel they got changed and went off for a romantic meal. As they were enjoying dinner we snuck into their room to decorate! After dinner Jason and Elyse headed back to their room. When they arrived outside Elyse noticed a note with her name on waiting on the ground in front of them.

Elyse was a little confused…until Jason opened the door to their room to reveal that it had been completely transformed and was now covered in fairy lights, candles and polaroid photographs of the couple together.

We had also hired one of our secret singers to perform a beautiful rendition of Kacey Musgraves, ‘Late to the party' as they entered the room.

Along the floor we had created a trail of yellow rose petals, (Elyse’s favourite flower), which lead to a heart made from pebbles.

It was within this heart that Jason got down on one knee and asked Elyse to be his wife, and SHE SAID YES!

Isn't the ring jaw-droppingly beautiful!

Congratulations to the lovely couple. We wish them a lifetime of happiness together! Jason was thrilled with the proposal and told us, 'I never expected it to be as amazing as it was. It literally took my breath away. I had to calm Elyse down when she saw it because she was so excited. She loved every single bit of it and I can't thank you girls enough!'

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