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Published on 30th March '20

We're pleased to announce our partnership with Postbox Party to create perfect proposals at home.

We'll create a personalised proposal kit for you and deliver it to your door, while our expert proposal planners will also help you to plan the proposal every step of the way. Here's the personalised postbox proposals that are available to you..

1. Film Night

It’s film night and after much arguing you’ve both agreed on something to watch, little do they know it’s a home video that we’ve created, filled with memories, photos and videos of your lives together! As they’re filled with emotion, you can get down on one knee and pop that special question! To make your proposal even more special, you can have personalised popcorn boxes and cups for your drinks – everything you’d need for an extra-special film night!

2. Pizza Proposal

Who wouldn’t love having their partner propose to them using pizza?! Have a nice, cosy night in with a few candles lit and the TV on. Your partner will never guess what’s coming! Once they open up that pizza box and see that question written inside you’ll be needing to swap the fizzy for some bubbly! Take it one step further by getting your aprons on, and making your favourite pizza together beforehand.

3. Wine Tasting

If you or your partner has a love for wine and cheese (who doesn’t?!) then the personalised Wine Tasting package is the perfect way to pop the question! The package comes with personalised labels that you can stick onto your chosen wine/champagne bottles so that when it’s time to reveal the hidden messages – it’s personal to you. We'll give you a step-by-step guide to your proposal, and a guide to each wine. We recommend having the last bottle be champagne, so you have something extra special to celebrate with! A great way to make your proposal memorable before popping the ultimate question, plus you'll have the bottles to keep forever.

4. Post Box Package - Special

This exciting package comes filled with personalised clue bags and signs that can be placed around your home to create a romantic treasure hunt for your partner to complete before you ask him/her that important question! You can put romantic notes or items inside the bags to keep your partner guessing and send them on an adventure that will take them into the next stage of your lives!

Let us plan your Postbox Proposal

We've planned over 1,700 marriage proposals, and have a 100% YES success rate!

Want to host a postbox proposal at home? Contact us now to speak with one of our expert proposal planners.


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