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Published on 27th September '12

When Wong contacted us a couple of weeks ago we knew straight away he was one romantic guy, he wanted to us to organize his Hong Kong Proposal. His consultation for made us go all gooey because he was just so obviously in love. Which was why coming up with a proposal idea for him was great fun.

As always we wanted to make sure Wong's proposal was completely tailored to his relationship. He admitted that Lee was obsessed with fairytales and romance so we knew straight away that had to be incorporated into the proposal. Which is why we came up with the idea of creating a fairytale storybook about their relationship (complete with gorgeous drawings of the two of them!)

We could also see from all the photos Wong had sent us that the couple loved travelling. Wong and Lee are actually from Malaysia but we suggested he took her on a gorgeous trip to Hong Kong - Lee had always wanted to go there but hadn't had the chance so this was going to make his marriage proposalall the more romantic. Ooh Goodness.....we were so excited!

Here's a sneak peak of the fairytale book we created for Wong!

The Fairytale Storybook that The Proposers designed for Lee and Wong

How it all started

Wong wanted to propose somewhere with a spectacular view which is why we found the perfect venue 'Aqua' on the 30th floor of a tower overlooking the harbour. Every night at exactly 8pm Hong Kong puts on a spectacular light show called the Symphony of Lights and that's is where the proposal began.

After a fun filled day Wong and Lee got dressed up for the night of their lives, little did she know that it would be the start of their lives together and that Wong's (and our) proposal idea was about to be put into action!

Everything was set at Aqua. We had been chatting to the manager of the restaurant for months beforehand to ensure the entire evening went without a hitch. After watching the light show from their own private room, they headed to the restaurant. Unbeknown to Lee, when Wong excused himself to go to the bathroom, he was actually meeting one of the Waiter's to give him a disposable camera - yes, we had found a waiter who doubled up as a photographer. Genius hey?

Now for the genius proposal plan. After a delicious meal, the waiter brings out the dessert menu BUT instead of Lee's being about chocolate cakes and ice-cream, instead it was a fairytale story of Wong's love for her. It showed him as her knight in shining armour galloping on a journey to win her heart - it was super romantic. As the last page flipped over it read 'Will you marry me?' and of course in true tradition Wong got down on one knee.

The tricky part was the timing. Wong wanted to propose at exactly 9.17pm on the 17th September (17/9/2012) because these numbers meant something to him and Lee (they met two years ago on the 17th September). We were a bit worried about being able to pull this off but that's where Proposal Planners come in handy, We were on the phone to the manager throughout the proposal to make sure that everything was in place so that Wong could propose at 9.17 on the dot. And true to our word, this is exactly what happened....

And if you want to hear from the man himself, this is what Wong had to say:

"It's awesome getting The Proposers involved in this proposal, particularly arranging everything for me and coming up with such a fantastic proposal idea. I know thousands of thank you's couldn't describe the appreciation towards your hard work. I truly owe you a big one! Your efforts will always remain in my heart forever".

A HUGE thank you to Shanti and everyone at Aqua who made this night possible. Everything went to plan and we're incredibly grateful for your help.

All that's left to say is CONGRATULATIONS to Wong & Lee, may you have many happy memories together.

If you like what you see and want some proposal ideas of your own, then get in contact, we'd be only too happy to help.


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