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Published on 18th February '15

We always expected Valentine's Weekend to be the busiest of the year...but we never ever thought we'd have SIX proposals over one weekend!!!!

After many phone calls, emails, tweets and some super long hours we somehow managed to pull it off and live to tell the tale!!

So whilst we recover and excitedly await the videos and final photos...we thought we'd give you all a sneak peek!

(1) Malraj & Kim

Malraj took Kim for dinner at the Restaurant Babylon on top of the Kensington Roof Gardens...

...where our singer Alex was with his guitar ready to serenade the couple...his cue to get down on one knee!

(2) Raju & Simmy

The couple went up to the steps of St. Pauls where one of our musicians was waiting with a specially wrapped box just for Simmy...

...out of which came a huge balloon saying 'Marry Me' on!!

Role Reversal!!! Our singer tried his hand at being the one to propose!!

(3) Mete & Bercis

This proposal was all the way in Rome...and we only had one days notice!!

After a tough hunt for singers we managed to pull off a beautiful singing flashmob at the Temple of Diana after the couple had enjoyed a horse and carriage ride through the beautiful and romantic city

The big moment!!

(4) Shahnil & Arpita

This was our first ever two day proposal!!

After spending the night at the Shard...(where we delivered roses with hand written notes, personalised bottles of Champagne, and custom menus)...the next day the couple went on a helicopter ride over London,

which is where Shahnil popped the question!


(5) Mike & Nastasya

We organised a lovely musical surprise serenade proposal in Battersea Park for the couple with some fabulous singers!

Nastasya showing off her amazing ring!

(6) Serban & Iulia

When we arranged for a steward to take Serban off the ice rink at Alexandra Palace "to change his skates", Iulia had no idea what was about to happen...

Cue their favourite song and kids delivering her favourite flowers with handwritten love notes from him!

Serban skated back just as she saw the 'Iulia Will You Marry Me?' signs

Still on the ice just after the proposal!

So as you can see from the pictures of our happy couples...we had a great Valentine's Day making so many dreams come true!

We hope you all had a memorable and romantic weekend too!

Watch out for full blog posts of all our proposals...coming soon!!

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