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Published on 11th February '16

The lovely Faiz contacted us because he wanted to propose to his beautiful girlfriend Vicky. He wanted to take her somewhere spectacular for their proposal and had narrowed it down to two choices, Paris or the Lake District. He told us that she loves lakes so we knew that there was a clear winner and we began to organise an incredible proposal for them in the Lake District. First of all we had to find the ideal setting for the proposal and we came across a luxury home right on the river. We saw that it had two jetties and our ideas for how to decorate jumped to life.That's when we knew this had to be the ideal place.

We could think when we saw the jetties were lanterns, lanterns and even more lanterns! We decided that in order to fill the jetties we would need over 300 lanterns, this accompanied with fairy lights, would create a spectacular proposal. To create something more personalised for the couple we asked Faiz to send us some photographs of Vicky and him together, which we would hang on twine between a vintage gold frame. We collected leaves and painted them with gold glitter to give the proposal a rustic feel.

On the day of the proposal we had a arranged for Faiz and Vicky to enjoy a fun-filled day of activities whilst we travelled up from London to the Lake District in our new proposal van (!) to set up.

Proposer Olivia, driving our new van on it's first trip up to the Lake District! Unfortunately the weather was against us. The week before the proposal, the Lake District made headlines with the news of extreme flooding. There was a hairy moment when we thought that we'd have to find a new location for the proposal to take place, but luckily the house was back to normal by the time we'd arrived, except one of the jetties, which was too dangerous to walk on as it was covered in seaweed. (We love a challenge, but the chance of falling in the ice cold water was too much for us!) By the time we got to the house the heavens had opened and we had to battle the heavy wind and rain to try and light 300 lanterns in time for the couples arrival back at the house. We even braved the lake to cover the jetty in fairy lights.

Undercover we set up even more lanterns as well as a table, which held the frame with the photos strung across and two smaller frames containing two photos of the couple either side of a beautiful bronze lantern, where we laid the ring on a bed of beautiful bronze leaves. In front of the lantern the words ˜Will You Marry Me', were written in gold letters.

As we waited for Faiz and Vicky to arrive back from the lunch we had arranged for them, we snuck upstairs into the house to decorate. We scattered rose petals to make a trail along the floor, placed candles around each of the rooms, lit the fire and scattered more of the painted leaves around the room to create a warm and romantic ambience. Then we hid, so as not to cause suspicion for when they got back!

As Faiz and Vicky pulled into the driveway of the house, Vicky was astounded to see that the outside area had been transformed. As she walked over to the table to admire the photographs she noticed the ring, perched on a bed of leaves within a the copper lantern. Faiz took the ring out of the lantern, got down on one knee and asked Vicky to marry him. Of course she said yes!

After the proposal we came out of hiding to help Faiz and Vicky celebrate with a bottle of champagne. Then we told Vicky that there was another surprise waiting for her upstairs.

We had hired a private chef and waitress to look after the couple for the night so that they could celebrate their engagement in style!

Faiz and Vicky spent the rest of the evening enjoying a delicious three course candlelit meal. Congratulations to the happy couple we wish them all the best in the future!

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