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Published on 16th June '20

The Proposers Team are strong believers in the term LOVE is LOVE, and we support anyone who wants to get engaged, married and spend the rest of their lives together! All our clients should always feel welcome to contact our team, no matter who they love! 

To highlight the month of Pride, we decided to look back on some of our most memorable LGBTQ+ proposals.

LGBTQ+ Proposals

Callum and Arran's Treasure Hunt From London to Disneyland Paris

When Arran came to us and said he wanted to propose to his boyfriend Callum in a magical Disney way, we knew it was going to be a lot of fun! The boys met when working at Disneyland as Pluto and Tigger. 

Arran knew that he wanted to propose in Disneyland, but how would he get Callum there without guessing? We helped Arran plan a personalised treasure hunt, which led Callum all the way from London to Disneyland Paris, where Arran would be waiting to pop the question.

It started with the movie ‘Up’ as Callum was given his very own ‘‘adventure book’ - an album all about the couples past, present and future with a huge display of balloons. Next he headed to Disney Street (yes we found an actual street named after the place they love) to find two cute dogs dressed as Pluto and Tigger!

Our treasure hunt had Callum travelling all over London, finding new and exciting clues in the most unexpected places, until he finally ended up at St Pancras and boarded the Eurostar. Callum knew exactly where to find Arran - the place where they first met... Disneyland Paris.

Callum of course said Yes! 

Harry and David's Proposal on the London Eye

The London Eye is one of our most popular locations for a proposal, and we understand why. It has 360 views across this incredible city and it’s always a huge surprise to drop down on one knee as it reaches the top.

Harry contacted The Proposers from The US to plan something special for their holiday here in London, and since they had never been on The London Eye before, this was the perfect place. 

Harry proposed on the London Eye with a musician & singer performing their favourite song, whilst we revealed "Will You Marry Me" on our t-shirts. He then dropped down on one knee as the pod reached the top. David had no idea what was about to happen as the musicians started to play his favourite song and was taken by complete surprise! 

Kat and Carmel's Canal Boat Proposal

Kat wanted to propose to her girlfriend Carmel and came to us for help. She knew that she wanted to propose in a way that Carmel would never forget. 

The plan was for the couple to go on a private Regents Canal tour, where they could take in the scenery in a relaxing environment. Little did Carmel know what was about to happen!

They were enjoying a glass of champagne when they noticed our amazing singer Nikki singing Carmel and Kat’s ‘song’ - Ellie Golding’s ‘How long will I love you’ from the embankment. Just at the right moment, two of our proposal planners dropped a massive banner down from the bridge in front of them which said, 'Carmel Will You Marry Me?’

She, of course, said Yes!

Angelo and Brendan's Wine Tasting Proposal 

One of our most popular proposals is our wine proposal, where our professional sommelier guides you through an exciting wine tasting experience.

Angelo wanted to surprise Brendan with a personalised proposal while they were on holiday in London and since Brandan used to work for Majestic WInes - this was the perfect proposal for him. 

Our planners gathered information about Angelo and Brendan's relationship before the proposal so that we can tailor the experience, with our sommelier hand picking the best wines based on this.

The four wines Angelo and Brendan blind tasted on the evening from the year they first met, a grape from a region where they had a memorable and romantic holiday.

Arriving at Carlton House Terrace for what Brendan though was a private wine tasting evening, everything seemed perfectly normal. Until the very end of their private tasting, when the sommelier revealed the bottles, one by one, with the labels spelling out “Will” “You” “Marry” “Me?”. 

Angelo went down on one knee and Brendan said Yes!

Sarah and Rachel's Picnic in Richmond Park 

Sarah contacted our team when she wanted help planning a romantic proposal for her partner Rachel. They both loved the outdoors and Sarah wanted to incorporate nature in her proposal. She also wanted an afternoon tea to celebrate with after the big moment. 

Rachel loves flowers, fairies and butterflies, so our team suggested a fairy themed proposal in the beautiful Richmond Park. On the day, our planners created the most epic afternoon tea picnic in the park, handmade fairy-doors (which are tiny doors beautifully decorated) and each door held a memory from Rachel and Sarah’s relationship. The doors were placed along the way, leading Rachel to the set-up. 

Amongst the beautiful set-up, Rachel found a wooden box with her name on it. As she opened the box live butterflies flew out from it, surrounding the couple just as Sarah asked that all important question.

She said yes!

We wish all our happy couples a long and happy life together. We were truly privileged to be a part of your big day.

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