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Published on 9th April '15

Dan is a drummer in a band ZaZu wanted his proposal to combine the two loves in his life. What better than to be able to propose whilst playing in your favourite band. Dan got Lorna to the venue on the pretence that they were filming a video of the band, little did she know how this evening would end.

Getting ready for the surprise.


This is where we hid until the surprise was revealed... lovely!      

When the final song came to an end, a surprise was revealed - a video popped up on the screen of Dan in different locations, telling the story of how the couple met, of his love for Lorna and leading up to ask the big question!

Lorna's reaction to the video.  

The video ended, the audience waited on baited breath and Lorna went up on stage for Dan to ask her to marry him. The audience loved it (and of course we did too) and everyone partied with Dan and Lorna until the early hours.

She said YES!

AND you can even watch all the action (and music) here...

Dan said "Thank you so much for helping to organise the special night, I couldn't have done it without you girls."


The Proposers.

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